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At Pangea we look at things differently. We don't view our residents as just a part of our business, but rather as a part of our family. We don't see the neighborhoods we service as locations where we have buildings, but as the communities we live in. That’s why we take the time and effort to ensure each and every Pangea apartment is one you’re excited to call home! With 13,000+ newly rehabbed apartments and townhomes under management, we are able to provide comfort and joy to thousands of renters. So come join the Pangea Family!

As of 12/08/2022 Pangea's Chicago portfolio is managed by CYM Living LLC (“CYM Living”). In an effort to provide continuous and uninterrupted service, Pangea Real Estate will be assisting CYM Living with the management of those properties. Therefore, while those properties are under new management, Pangea Real Estate will continue to be the main contact during the transition. The new ownership expects to transition to the CYM Living brand over time.

During this transition period, residents should expect to see Pangea and CYM Living personnel at their properties and the local zone offices. Residents may continue communicating with their usual contacts as their personnel will remain the same. Rent payments should now be made payable to CYM Living LLC. Please know that as Pangea and CYM Living are working together during this transition, rent payments will be directed accordingly so that it is applied to the resident's rent. During this transition period, the CYM Living phone number (312-210-8954) will be the primary method of contact in the event residents want to speak with a management representative.

This notice is also to inform you that, as of 12/08/2022, resident security deposits (if any), including statutory interest, and pre-paid rent (if any) has been transferred to, and is being held by, CYM Living LLC at the same financial institution and address as disclosed in the lease.

CYM Living LLC
549 W Randolph St., Floor 2
Chicago, IL 60661

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549 W Randolph St., Floor 2
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