Cheap Apartments in Baltimore

Finding the best apartments in Baltimore has never been easier!

There are many apartments to rent in Baltimore, but, finding the Baltimore apartment that gives you the best value, in the right location and with the amenities that fit your family’s needs is a not an easy task. But it doesn’t have to be, thanks to Pangea Real Estate.

Pangea has been providing low-cost and expertly maintained apartments to residents across the Midwest and East Coast for years. Our services are bound to give you everything you need at a price you can afford.

Convenience: Our Baltimore apartments are located in popular areas where you already work, play and take your kids to school. Whether the west side or east side of town, we can provide you with Baltimore apartments that keep you close to major public transportation stops as well as major roads and highways.

Service that matters: At Pangea, we believe that just because you get a good price on Baltimore apartments, doesn’t mean you have to forgo the amenities and services that make your home. Our premier services start with, but are not limited to, onsite laundry, security features, 24/7 maintenance, fully rehabbed apartments and more. Discover the difference of Pangea Real Estate.

Price: Let’s admit it; the number one determining factor for residents is rental price. And Pangea offers some of the most affordable Baltimore apartments on the market. That’s because we accept section 8 vouchers and offer the exclusive tenant bonuses for things like on-time rental payment that make our units exceptionally affordable.

So what are you waiting for? No matter what part of Baltimore you call home, Pangea has the Baltimore apartments that are bound to fit your family’s needs and budget.

Affordable Baltimore Apartments

Finding the ideal Baltimore apartment doesn’t have to be a hassle. With rising rents in the area, It is our goal to provide quality apartments at an affordable price. Pangea is a leading real estate agency in the Baltimore area that helps many renters find affordable apartments in Baltimore on a daily basis. We have a wide selection of units and rooms across many popular Baltimore neighborhoods that provide you with the safety and comfortability you desire at an affordable cost.

Pay Rent and Build Credit

Pangea provides TransUnion with tenants’ rent payment history in order to establish and build their credit!

  • Paying your rent online enables you to build & improve your credit score!
  • Late payments will not negatively affect your score, only positive, on-time payments are added to the report
  • Avoid late fees with automatic rent payment and track your rent payment online

With our easy-to-use online rent payment portal, Pangea Real Estate makes building your credit simple!

History of Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in the United States, predating the birth of the United States by about 50 years. It is one of the largest seaports in the Mid-Atlantic and the largest independent city in America. Many refer to Baltimore as the City of Neighborhoods, being divided up into nine geographical regions: North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West and Central. Each neighborhood has its own rich and distinctive personality. Being spread out across such a vast region, Baltimore is filled with the wealth of diversity in cultures and races from all over the world. There are festivals and activities held year round that makes Baltimore a highly traveled to city. Some of these festivities include the Fells Point Fun Festival and the “Showcase of Nations.”

You can also find all sorts of unique structures across the Charmed City, including beautiful and distinct architecture such as the 18th century row houses. In fact, many renters looking for apartments in Baltimore dream of living in one of the exposed brick row houses. Although not all are going to be from the 18th century, there are plenty of unique row house spread out across the city to rent.

Baltimore was also built on the rich tradition of strong educational and medical facilities, like Johns Hopkins Hospital and University. Being the home of numerous institutions of higher learning, students from around the country stay within Baltimore for months on end. Others travel to Baltimore city on a daily basis to work in Downtown or Central Baltimore. With the growing population, the demand for apartments in Baltimore are on the rise. No matter where you chose to live in Baltimore, Pangea can help you find the best Baltimore apartment for you.

Why Choose Pangea’s Baltimore Apartments?

Finding the perfect apartment in Baltimore that fits your needs and budget can be difficult. At Pangea, we’re dedicated to providing you with cheap Baltimore apartments that are a good fit for you and your family. We offer a number of differently sized Baltimore apartments to fit any family and budget, from studios to one bedroom, two bedroom, and larger

After you become a resident, Pangea will continue to help you save with our numerous benefits program. If you refer a friend to one of our many Baltimore apartments, you will get money off your next month’s rent! We also help our tenants build their credit by offering a rent payment portal.

Stop Searching. Start Finding.

If you've been searching the perfect apartment in Baltimore, look no further! View Pangea’s list of quality Baltimore rentals today and find the apartment of your dreams. We even accept Section 8 Vouchers for those who qualify. If you're looking to increase or decrease your living space, lower your rent, move closer to public transportation or anything else, we can help you find the perfect rental with great units to fit all your desires. Contact Pangea today to find quality, cheap apartments in Baltimore!