Rental recycling: five ways to reuse your old stuff

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Rental recycling: five ways to reuse your old stuff

Everyone has that corner of our closet or that kitchen drawer just stuffed with old junk. It seems to collect old stuff all on its own. But with a little creativity and some time, you can actually turn that old junk into useful apartment items.

Here are a few tips for recycling that junk drawer, or find even more clever hints here.

  1. Put an old toilet paper tube on the bathroom counter to easily collect hair ties and clips.
  1. Searching high and low for needle and thread? Store extra sewing items and safety pins into old matchboxes to create easy to find and handy sewing kits.
  1. Create easy to clean up picnics by using an old six pack holder to carry condiments, utensils and napkins.
  1. Hate that pile of grocery bags under the sink? Confine and collect them by stuffing them into an empty Kleenex box.
  1. Save your counter or table tops by putting unused mouse pads to work as a heat-resistant trivet for casseroles or pots.

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