5 tasty Thanksgiving leftover recipes

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5 tasty Thanksgiving leftover recipes

The turkey is cooked. The family has come and left. Thanksgiving dinner is over. Except that you have a fridge full of holiday leftovers to deal with.

Here are five tasty and cheap Thanksgiving leftover recipes that will keep your family happy and full until the leftovers run out.

Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie: Shepherd’s pie is a tasty and filling dish that’s perfect for chilly autumn nights. This twist takes advantage of the leftover turkey and sides.

Next Day Turkey Soup: Feeling too full after the huge holiday meal? Try making this light and tasty turkey soup to cut back on the calories.

Turkey Bolognese: Everyone loves pasta. Switch up the classic Bolognese recipe that usually uses ground beef and take advantage of that leftover bird.

Turkey Tetrazzini: Funny name, big flavor. This classic leftover hodge-podge uses mushrooms, leftover turkey and a cream sauce to keep the holiday lasting well after the 22nd.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes: Don’t believe your eyes? Yep, these savory cupcakes used leftover turkey meat to provide a tasty and untraditional side dish.


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