5 festive holiday theme party ideas

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5 festive holiday theme party ideas

The holidays are here—and that means it’s party time. From work events to family gatherings, old friends and new acquaintances, the holidays are a time when everyone gets together to enjoy the year’s end. But if you want to make your party really stand out from all the others, here are a few theme ideas that are sure to keep your guests guessing.

The Ugly Sweater Party. Awful sweaters are as common this time of year as gingerbread and Christmas lights. So why not celebrate the ugliness by asking your friends to fine the most awful—or awesome—holiday sweater they can find.

The Cookie Swap. The types of cookies you find around the holidays are nearly limitless. Invite all your amateur bakers together and ask them each to make a special cookie of their choice. Then swap the tasty treats so everyone has a nice collection of sugary goodness.

Christmas Carol Karaoke. Try as you might, you can’t get away from the classic Christmas carols at this time of year. So share the songs and laughter by inviting your guests to practice their pipes with carol karaoke.

The Gift Dump. Re-gifting is a classic way to get rid of the presents that just didn’t tickle your fancy. Ask your guests to bring their worst holiday gifts and then swap those Christmas cast-offs. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

The Holiday Potluck. Making that huge holiday feast for friends and family is rewarding—but it’s also time-consuming and expensive. Instead, ask everyone to pitch in by holding a holiday potluck. Everyone can bring their favorite holiday treat and everyone gets to pig out without all the work.


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