High-tech tips for low-cost budgets

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High-tech tips for low-cost budgets

The speed at which technology is changing these days – and the resulting price drop for what used to be high-priced systems – means that you can often find high tech answers to your most pressing home budget questions. Here are three technology tips to enjoy your apartment, techy style.

Cut the communications. Despite the fact that nearly 75% of Americans have both a cell phone and internet access, more than half of us are also paying for a home phone. With the price drop in mobile minutes and the rise of free internet calling options, such as Skype, it’s easier than ever to cut the home phone bill and pocket the $30 or more a month.

Stream to entertain. Think about all the money you spend on entertainment such as cable TV, video gaming and DVD or Blueray purchases.  With the rise of online streaming channels, such as Hulu, you can spend as little as $10 a month to get all your favorite movies and TV shows straight to your PC or TV. Compare that to upwards of $100 for cable and you can quickly see the savings.

Bring the theater home. The average price for a movie ticket is now well above $10 in most cities. When you add the high price of concessions, parking and gas into the mix, a night at the movies for a family of four can easily top $100. With home delivery of movies from NetFlix and the like, you can get unlimited flicks for as little as $10 a month.

With a little help from the latest technology, you can entertain your whole family at just a fraction of the price. Who knew high-tech could be so low budget?

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