Apartment friendly family pets

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Apartment friendly family pets

Is your family looking for a new addition to the household? There is a wide range of family-friendly pets that don’t meow or bark—and won’t get you in trouble with your neighbors.

  • Fish are more than just Goldfish in a round bowl. Tropical fish and saltwater fish collection can be a colorful, fun and encompassing pastime and a great way to start to teach kids the responsibilities of pet ownership.
  • Believe it or not, crabs are not just for summer beach boils. Hermit crabs can be a lively and relatively easy pet to maintain in close quarters like city living.
  • Reptiles get a bad rap in the movies, but can be great pets for apartment living. Smaller snakes, turtles, frogs and lizards can be exceptionally friendly and don’t require long walks or games of fetch.

Just because your family can’t have a Fido or Whiskers, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the warmth and fun that comes with owning a pet. Get creative and you can still teach your kids the lessons that come with having a pet of their own.


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