Free WiFi for REIT’s Residents

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Free WiFi for REIT’s Residents

Jen Furlong


Pangea Properties Provides Free Wireless in Underserved Neighborhoods


In a world where information and the ability to connect with others is increasingly housed online, easy and instant access to the internet is becoming more and more important. To ensure this value is being offered to under-served communities, Pangea Properties, is focusing on providing this access to our residents. That is why we are proud to offer free WiFi as a complimentary amenity to everyone who lives in our properties.


While the Wireless Internet Zones (WIZ) initiative by the City of Chicago has brought free Wi-Fi to new areas of the city, many of these hotspots tend to be pinpointed downtown, at locations such as parks or the beach. Since Pangea Properties owns and operates properties that are mostly located in low to middle income neighborhoods throughout Chicagoland, many members of these communities were unable to take advantage of having free internet within their own neighborhood. Areas that offer free Wi-Fi on the Southside are few and far between. Hence, there was definitely a need in these communities, and Pangea was happy to step up and fill that hole in these neighborhoods.


As a result of this decision to get involved, Pangea’s 1500 residents residing in neighborhoods such as South Shore, Chatham and Austin can now easily enjoy instant internet access from the comfort of their own apartment. We wanted to empower our residents and provide them with WiFi right at their fingertips. Instant internet access provides a wealth of new opportunities, and from looking for jobs, to paying bills, to staying connected with friends and family, access to the internet is truly crucial in today’s technological society.


At Pangea Properties, we believe in treating all of our residents with respect and dignity, and that includes ensuring that we offer amenities and affordable luxuries to the people who live in our communities. Free WiFi is just one more way that we are working to help enhance and improve our under-served neighborhoods.


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