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As demand for apartment rentals continues to increase in some parts of the country, rental companies are embracing new technologies to handle the increase in applications and provide a more convenient process for applicants.


At Pangea Properties, we are at the forefront of the growing tech trend. This means that we utilize paperless technology to submit, process and finalize rental applications, all of which simplifies the process for the renter and expedites their paperwork. In other words, thanks to this cutting-edge technology, you can be settled in your new home much sooner!


Adopting new technology can improve communication, transparency and privacy, but historically, the real estate industry has been slow to implement digital platforms. Technology is crucial to the future of any industry and can lead to more cost effective processes, in addition to being environmentally friendly and reducing a company’s carbon footprint.


In an effort to better serve our clients, we have developed mobile and online applications that allow customers to apply online for an apartment, reducing the amount of manual work necessary to process an application and ultimately leading to faster approval turnaround time.


With the digital application process, the data is sent encrypted directly to the system for processing, ensuring client privacy and information security. In addition, if a client is interested in an apartment they are currently viewing, a leasing agent can input their application onsite using the mobile app.


It makes sense for rental applications to be processed digitally, and it improves the experience for both the applicant and the leasing agent. We’ve seen our industry lag behind in the tech sector for far too long, and we wanted to do something to change that and help move the application process forward. At Pangea, we are committed to progress, innovation, and thinking outside-the-box, especially when it comes to better serving our clients.

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