Pangea Properties Surprises Family with Home for Holiday

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There’s no place like home for the holidays and that epithet has never rang truer than on Tuesday’s episode of The Steve Harvey Show. In fact, at Pangea Properties, we did just that and gifted the Woods family of Chicago, IL with a home for the holidays.


Viewers were introduced to the family of four and the hard-times the family has faced. “After being laid off it became difficult to make ends meet,” notes Yolanda Woods, the mother of three sons. “On a minimum wage income, the majority of my paycheck goes to putting food on the table or gas in the car to take my kids to and from school.”


In the spirit of the season, Pangea Properties President Steve Joung revealed that the company would be providing the family with a fully-furnished two bedroom apartment with free rent for an entire year. The value of the giveaway totaled at $25,000.


“We live and work in the communities we serve and all too often, we hear about stories like Yolanda’s,” says Joung. “They are a good family that has fallen on hard times that needed a little boost to get back on their feet. That is why we have decided to give Yolanda a very special gift and welcome the Woods to the Pangea family.”


Steve Harvey himself was so touched by the family’s gratitude that he added in an additional incentive, offering to pay for rent the second year should the oldest son keep his B average in school.


We were founded in 2009 after the real estate collapse and is one of the largest rehabbers in the Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis markets. Over the past four years, Pangea has invested over $250 million into renovating nearly 10,000 distressed units with a focus on making significant investments in the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods.


“Our general philosophy is to take something that needs a little TLC and foster it back to health. We hope Yolanda’s personal journey can mirror’s Pangea’s business objective,” adds Joung.

One thought on “Pangea Properties Surprises Family with Home for Holiday

  1. Talibah Willis Parker:

    Hello President Steve Joung,

    My name is Talibah Willis. I just so happen to scroll on my phone, and saw a clip for the Steve Harvey show. This specific aire time, was focused on, Pangea Properties Surprises Family with Home for Holiday. This beautiful home provided for Yolanda Woods and her three son’s, caught my attention. Her story I listened and could relate to.

    I am in a situation, but not quite the same as Yolanda. I am on a journey of restarting my life for myself and my three children. As I am currently, yet temporarily residing in Crownsville, Md., I am wondering if there are properties in PG county that you, Pangea Properties are working on. One that I may qualify for and fits within the guidelines of becoming a member of the Pangea family, In hopes of being able to meet the requirements.

    I am in need of help to restart and rebuild a solid, safe, and loving foundation for my family. May you please contact me on this matter, or if there are any programs like this in the PG county school system that can be of assistance, as I have a few more months where I am temporarily residing.

    It would so much to me, my family, and friends me to have a fresh start and get back on my feet. Thank you kindly and with much Gratitude.

    Talibah Willis Parker


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