4 Advantages of Living Alone

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Jen Furlong


There’s no doubt that you can save a considerable amount of money by living with roommates and that there are a lot of other benefits that come from sharing your housing with others. However, there are also some pretty great advantages to living alone that you might want to consider before making a decision.


Control. Living alone, you don’t have to consult anyone about having guests over, coordinating shower times or watching what you want on television. You don’t have to order an extra cable channel if you don’t want to and you don’t have to argue with someone over how high the heat is turned up. This is also a huge perk when you are first moving in because you get to pick your unit yourself and not have to compromise on neighborhood or other big decisions. If you like having control over things, it can definitely be nice to be the only one calling the shots around your apartment.


Flexibility. If something in your life changes and you want to have the flexibility of breaking your lease to move out, it’s a lot easier when you don’t have to consider someone else’s living situation in the process.


Organization. If you are particularly messy or neat, you may find it difficult to live with people who have dissimilar habits because it can lead to conflict. Dirty dishes and messy living spaces aren’t very easy for a neat person to put up with. Plus, living alone means that if you leave something somewhere, you don’t have to worry about it not being there when you go to find it!


Originality. Living alone means that you get to make your place your own. You can decorate the way you want, whether that means choosing furniture or deciding the color of your walls, allowing you to make your apartment really feel like your home!

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