3 Ways Renters Can Cut Costs

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3 ways renters can cut costs


If you’re planning a move into a new rental apartment, you may be feeling a little stretched budget-wise. A security deposit, moving costs, new furniture or a higher rent can all put a strain on your cash flow. If you’re looking to cut costs, think about a few of these options.


Reconsider cable. If cable is included in your unit, that’s great. If not, you might want to think about whether you really need it. These days, there are so many ways to entertain yourself online that it seems silly to pay for cable. You can find TV shows on networks’ websites the next day or subscribe to Hulu or Netflix for far less than most cable packages. Plus, your cable package may seem relatively affordable to start but cable companies tend to hike up the price after a few months and you may find it prohibitively expensive at that point.


Ask prior renters if they are getting rid of furniture. Often when people are moving out, they’d be happy not to have to bring some of their things with them as it will save them from the hassle and cost of moving them. This means they may be willing to leave you furniture at little or no cost. Plus, you’ll benefit from not having to move or purchase as much stuff and if the furniture is already in the apartment, you know it definitely fits!


Share wi-fi. If you are a fairly light wi-fi user and live in an apartment building where units are in close proximity to one another, consider sharing your wi-fi bill with another tenant as long as your service provider allows it. Set up a password so that only your units can access it and, if one of you ends up having consistent trouble accessing the network, you can always split into separate bills down the road.

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