Preparing to Move in With Your Significant Other

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Preparing to move in with your significant other


If you’ve decided to take the leap and move in with your significant other, you are probably feeling a range of emotions – excitement, relief and apprehension might be a few that come to mind. No matter what you’re feeling, doing some of the following ahead of time will help you make a smooth transition.


Purge your stuff. Unless you are moving into a place with tons of room, there’s a good chance you’ll be working with less space than you’re used to. You’ll be sharing a bathroom, fighting for closet space and working with duplicates of certain kitchen supplies. That said, get to work purging some of your things so that you’re only bringing exactly what you need into your new joint space. For duplicate items, decide who has ones worth keeping and donate or sell the rest.


Decide what matters. It takes some time to get used to living with a new person and it helps if you talk ahead of time about what really matters to both of you. For example, you may not care if dishes go straight into the dishwasher or sit in the sink for a while but your significant other might be adamant about putting them right into the dishwasher. Similarly, she may not care which way the toilet paper gets refilled but, for some reason, you have to have it a specific way. Decide what matters to each of you so you can both pick your battles.


Get ready to compromise. When two people with different histories and habits come together in a small space, there has to be a willingness to compromise on both sides. Be self-aware about the things that bother you, as well as about the things you do that may drive others crazy. Then, be willing to change some of your habits or preferences as long as your significant other is willing to do the same. Differences may range from the very minor to the more important but being able to give and take on issues of both sizes is key to success.

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