Things to Discuss with Your Landlord before You Move Out

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Things to discuss with landlord before moving

The month or so before you are moving can be a crazy time. In some cities, you could still be in the midst of an apartment search. And even if you know where you’re headed, between packing up and getting things in order for moving day, you’ll no doubt find yourself overwhelmed. That means you might forget to talk to your landlord and iron out any last minute details about your move.


Moving date. Some landlords may be trying to do some touchups in between one tenant moving out and one moving in so it helps them to know when exactly you plan to move out. However, if leaving early doesn’t work for you, don’t let a landlord push you out earlier than your lease says you are allowed to be there.


Keys. Make sure you know who you are returning your keys to and when that is being done. You might just have to leave them for the new owner or the landlord may actually want you to return them to his office. Some landlords will take money out of your security deposit if you don’t return the right amount of keys so this one is important.


Cleaning. Find out if your landlord is going to have a cleaning service come in between your departure and the new tenant’s arrival. If he isn’t, you might want to do some cleaning of the unit yourself in order to make sure that you get your full security deposit back.


Security Deposit. If you’ve put down a security deposit on your place, you want to know when it is being given back to you and if money is being taken out of it to cover certain items. Make sure your landlord knows where to send your check to as well.


Paint job. If you’ve painted your unit a different color since moving in, find out from the landlord whether you need to return it to its original color or if it is fine to keep it as is.


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