Figuring Out the Best Time to Move

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Figuring Out the Best Time to Move

Sometimes we can’t control when and where we want to move, but other times, flexibility allows us to decide when to make the transition, and in those cases, it’s good to be informed about the pros and cons of moving dates in order to make a strategic decision. When it comes to figuring out when to apartment hunt, there isn’t one right answer. Instead, you have to take certain factors into account depending on your individual situation. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision.


If you want options.

Between the plethora of new graduates, summer break and favorable weather accommodations, majority of renters typically move between May and September—which means that rental vacancies are at their highest during these months. So if variety is what you’re looking for, this is the peak time to move. However, increased demand means increased competition so you have to be willing to stay proactive throughout the entire rental process. Turnover is highest during these months and if you don’t act fast, someone will swipe your dream home right out from under you.


If you want to save money.

If you’re like most Americans, anywhere from a third to half of your paycheck will be devoted to your monthly rent. In that case, to keep from pinching pennies in order to afford your perfect place, you’ll want to make the move sometime during the dead of winter. Winter months are notoriously slow in the rental market, which makes it easier to negotiate rental rates or find seasonal specials—think first month free, parking or utilities included, no security deposit, etc. Moving can be expensive, so if there is any way to cut costs, you may want to take it into consideration. The downside? Limited availability and lugging all your belongings around in freezing weather.


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