Moving On Up: Signs It’s Time for a Bigger Place

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Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about families needing to downsize their living quarters in an effort to save money. This is also an attractive solution for anyone looking to simplify and get rid of all the random, unused stuff they’ve accumulated over the years. Even though the American Dream seems harder than ever to attain, as a renter you do have the luxury and flexibility to upgrade to a larger space without the daunting weight of a mortgage on your shoulders.

So, how do you know when it’s time to move on up to a bigger, better apartment?

Your family is growing

While the concept of a growing family typically includes having children, in recent years the nuclear family has expanded in other ways. The trend of multi-generational families living under one roof seems to have become the new normal. Parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives all under a single roof is changing the face of what we traditionally know as the nuclear American family. If this is a shift your family is experiencing, more bedrooms, bathrooms and even parking spaces are a must.

Your priorities have changed

The one bedroom/one bath you moved into a couple years ago was perfect at the time. But things change. After a while, it may feel like you’re squeezed into a space that once felt too big. Whether you have added people, pets or furniture to your once cozy apartment, you need more square footage to accommodate your new lifestyle.

You can afford it

From extreme couponers to those who bring in six figure incomes, some people choose to upgrade to a bigger place just because they can. If a sizable rent and increased utility costs won’t cause you to go broke, a bigger apartment just might be in order. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Your neighborhood has changed

Just like people, neighborhoods evolve over time. Maybe your block was once a fun and exciting place with great neighbors above, below and on either side of you. But now that you’re a bit older and wiser, you may be craving a neighborhood that’s a bit more laid back with a little more space between you and your neighbors. Whatever the reason your neck of the woods has changed, it’s smart to move on to an area you feel more at home in.

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