You’re Moving… Who Needs to Know?

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You’ve made a list of all the tasks needed to prepare for your move, and you checked it twice. From hiring movers to transferring over your utilities, you did everything right… right?

You could be forgetting one small but very important part of the moving process. There are people that need to know that you now have a shiny new address. But who exactly needs to know?

Your employer

In the 21st century, it’s highly likely that you aren’t receiving a hard copy paycheck at your home address. But your job may periodically send important documents via snail mail, particularly benefits updates and W-2’s that are sent out shortly after the new year.

Bill collectors and financial institutions

This means pretty much anyone you pay money to. Utility companies, banks, student loan lenders and credit card companies all need to know your whereabouts in order to continue sending account statements and invoices. Missing out on any of your bills could negatively affect your credit score. On a more positive note, sharing your new address will ensure that any refund checks or payouts are sent to you promptly at the correct address.

Federal, state and county agencies

Soon after moving, you’ll need to update your driver’s license, vehicle registration and voter registration. Doing this immediately after moving could save you from a world of pain later on.

Health providers and insurance companies

Doctors sometime mail out reminders for appointments. And insurance rates can change depending on your address – it may even be lowered.

Subscription services

If you subscribe to any newspapers or magazines, you certainly won’t want to miss out on any issues.

Friends and family

Some people are gung ho about mailing out cards for birthdays and holidays. Don’t miss out! Your loved ones will obviously need to know that you’re moving, especially if your phone number has changed. This may also prompt them to start shopping for and even sending housewarming gifts!

Here’s another tip: If you frequent websites like Amazon, eBay and others, you know that your mailing address is often automatically saved for your convenience. Make sure that your orders come to the right place by changing your address within these systems.

That’s a lot of different entities that need to be notified of your new address! But don’t stress out just yet. You do have the option to make a ton of phone calls to ensure that all appropriate parties are aware of your address change. This will be time consuming, but it’s an option.

If you’d like to avoid that, submit an official Change of Address form online through the United States Postal Service. Don’t wait until you’ve already moved though. As soon as you confirm and secure your new place is an ideal time to avoid mail still arriving at your old address.

Finally keep a checklist of all the mail you normally receive. If there’s a bill or subscription item you haven’t received in a month or more, reach out to the company to confirm they received your change of address notification.

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