How to Declutter Your Apartment

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How to declutter your apartment

It happens to all of us. You move into a new place and before you know it, it feels as if everything you own no longer fits nicely into your new space. Clothes are strewn on furniture, shoes are thrown everywhere and your counter space is filled with little knick-knacks that have no real reason to be there. Don’t fret! We have some easy tips to help you declutter your apartment.


The box trick. If you’re having trouble deciding what it is you want to keep versus what you’re ready to part with, throw everything into a box and only retrieve items when you actually need to use them. After a month of two, if there are still things inside the box which you haven’t touched, either put them into storage or donate them to the less fortunate. Chances are if you haven’t used them in months, you won’t be using them for another few—if at all.


Focus on one spot. When beginning to declutter your apartment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, leading you to feel defeated before you ever even get started. Don’t look at the bigger picture. Instead, start with a small space in your home—it could be to tackle your entire bedroom or it could be to simply organize under your bed. This way, you won’t get distracted by other things throughout your apartment and you can easily finish one task at a time. Once you’re finished, you can move onto the next spot.


The year test. An easy way to declutter your apartment is to first make space in your closet. To do this, go through every single item in your closet and ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the last year. If the answer is yes, it lives to see another day. If the answer is no, it’s time to part ways with the garment. As sad as it may seem initially, you’d be surprised how fast you’ll forget it was ever there. Plus, if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s pretty likely you didn’t remember it in the first place anyway.


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