Household Items to Buy Generic

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Beverages. Believe it or not, staple beverage products such as orange juice and milk are often better when bought generic because they’re typically produced locally, opposed to their bigger name counterparts. That means less processing and travel time, which can often impact product quality. So next time you reach for the name brand, you may want to think twice.

Pantry Staples. You know the regulars: flour, sugar, salt, etc. Typically the quality of these popular items is the same across the board because they’re not only made up of basic ingredients, but also government regulated. Why waste an extra dollar or two for the fancy packaging when it’s really what’s on the inside that counts?

Household Cleaning Products. Despite what commercials may lead you to believe, there’s nothing revolutionary about the newest name brand cleaning supplies. Majority of major cleaning products differ very little from one another, which means you’re ok to buy the generic version of bleach, window cleaner and detergent.

Batteries. You use them in almost every electronic throughout your home—and we all know how frustrating it is when they run out. However, while name brand batteries are shown to last slightly longer than generic, it doesn’t outweigh the cost savings. But instead of going for the cheapest, find a solid middle man brand for the best value.

Personal Care. When stocking the shower, it can be tempting to feed into those enticing hair and body commercials. But remember, beauty branding is one of the largest advertising markets, which means there’s big money behind making you feel that way. The truth is that the chemicals used in store brand products are almost identical to those in their heavily-branded equivalent.

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