Moving In Together After the Wedding: Here’s What To Do

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It’s June and that can only mean one thing–couples are getting hitched left and right. First of all, congratulations! Now get ready. After you take that walk down the aisle and say “I do”, there’s a laundry list of things that need to get done. Sure, there’s a ton of thank you notes to write and the logistics of name changing for the bride, but let’s start with the basics–shelter.

Getting married means the joining of two lives… and two sets of, well, everything. Naturally, a larger apartment is in order, no? Here’s what you need to do to successfully combine your living quarters, and your lives.

Be calculated
You’ll need to take inventory of everything you both own. Do you really need two beds, two living room sets and two microwaves? Who’s furniture is in newer or better condition? Be prepared to make a few compromises. That is what tying the knot is all about, right? This step, though it may be tedious, is absolutely necessary, but there is a silver lining. You can weed out what’s not needed and sell it to make some extra cash to put toward other household expenses.

Figure out the chores, like, now!
That honeymoon phase will come to an abrupt end once you realize you’ve moved in with a slacker. Before that move in date arrives, come up with a plan for who will cook, clean the bathroom, vacuum, take out the trash, wash dishes and everything else. There are lots of ways to divvy up the tasks. Who works more hours or days per week? That person might get away with doing a little less around the house. Who actually enjoys cleaning, organizing and cooking? Maybe that person will be OK with taking on a larger percentage of the chores. Besides assigning chores, also decide how often each chore will be executed. While you may think that weekly vacuuming is sufficient, your partner may insist that it’s done daily. Whatever you decide, put it in writing and email it to yourself and your partner for future reference. Another idea is to post the chore list on the refrigerator just in case someone’s memory slips later on down the road.

Double up on the decor
When decorating and styling your new place, don’t feel forced to completely let go of your individual style. After all, the space belongs to two people and that should be reflected. One easy way to maintain some individuality is to create mini his and her spaces. If you have a large office desk, you can each have your own side and organize your belongings the way you want. In the bedroom, decorate your nightstand as you wish. Be careful though. This doesn’t mean that you should cram everything you love into your individual space. Pare down to the few items you can’t live without, that way your personal style will stand out even more.

Planning ahead before your move is a sure way to make your union a match made in heaven!

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