Organize Your Home with Dollar Store Items

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ice cube tray

Dollar stores are great when it comes to saving money. Many times we think that we must spend a lot of money to keep our home organized. However, here are a couple of items that you can find in the dollar store that will keep your home organized without spending too much.

Ice Cube Trays These are great for storing office supplies, jewelry, or screws and nails. Weekly pill dispensers are also a great way to keep small items separated and organized. Plus, both of these items fit perfectly in any cabinet or drawer.

Shower Curtain Rings Place a few curtain rings on a hanger and use them in your bedroom closet. You can hang everyday accessories in each ring such as scarves, belts and ties. It will save you much needed room in your closet.

Mesh Laundry Bags These bags are inexpensive and reusable. You can use them for keeping toys away when not in use inside your home or storing them outside when those toys are damp and wet. Mesh bags are also convenient for storing small hardware or gardening tools.

Shoe Organizers You can easily hang them on any room door of your home. You can use them in bathrooms to store beauty and hygienic products or use them in kitchen pantries to store small packaged and canned foods.

Try using all of these items and see how much money you save. Remember, all of these helpful items are sold at dollar stores. Not only are you keeping your home clean and organized, but you are also doing all of this for just a few dollars.

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