Easy Apartment Improvements That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

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Many renters dismiss the idea of home improvement projects, whether out of fear of landlord disapproval or concern over the limited return on their investment. While installing a brand new kitchen or bathroom is likely out of the question, there are some minor enhancements that you can do to make various improvements around the home. Here are just a few suggestions.

Kitchen. No matter how large an apartment may be, it always seems as if you can never have enough kitchen storage space—especially when it comes to city living. Instead of working with what you have, create additional storage by attaching adhesive or mounted hooks to the ceiling or inside of a cabinet door. It makes for a perfect place to store pots, pans and lids. A simple solution to a major kitchen upgrade.

Bathrooms. There is a lot you can do to a bathroom without causing any structural damage. Case in point: replacing items such as shower heads, towel racks and/or toilet paper holders. If you’re not pleased with your current fixtures, switch them out for something a little more applicable to your preference and overall style. When living with others, it’s likely that you’re not always going to agree on everything. If water pressure happens to be one of those things, switching out a shower head is a cheap and easy fix!

Bedrooms. Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. However, sometimes traditional rental lighting can make it feel like just the opposite. Change it up. Are you someone who likes to sleep in total darkness? Dress up your windows by installing a tension rod and hanging long drapes. Are you someone who prefers their bedroom nice and light? Switch out your light fixtures for something that will help enhance the brightness of your room. The cost and effort are not only minimal, but also far worth the reward.

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