6 Easy Ways for Renters to Get Ready for Cold Weather

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It’s so hard to believe that summer is slowly creeping to an end. In fact, the brisk chill of fall is already making its way to some parts of the U.S. This means that apartment renters will soon be preparing for the cold fall and even colder winter. That’s right, preparation isn’t only for homeowners. Here’s a few easy ways for renters to get ready!

Get Better Bedding
Keep an eye out for sales at your favorite home goods stores. It doesn’t help to have a couple good quality comforters, quilts and blankets for the cold weather to come. Flannel sheet are especially welcoming in the fall and winter months. You will need those extra comfy layers for your bedroom, but don’t forget to have spare bedding for when guests come to visit. There’s nothing worse than sleeping on a sofa and no plush blanket to keep you warm!

Swap Out Seasonal Clothes
Those shorts, tank tops and flip flops have had their fun for the year. It’s time to store those items away until next year and make way for sweaters, wool hats and leg warmers. If possible, make use of other closets in your apartment. If the area underneath any bed in your apartment is clear, that’s where you can neatly and discreetly store summer clothes and shoes in narrow plastic totes and containers.

Invest in Comfy Duds
Take inventory of what types of clothing you already have. If you’re short on sweaters, sweatshirts, thick socks and warm pajamas–or if your selection is no longer appealing to you–now is the time to start expanding that winter wardrobe.

Tackle Drafty Windows
Ever wonder why your utility bills seem to skyrocket in the colder months? It’s likely because your heat is escaping through tiny–or not so tiny–cracks and openings near your windows and doors. There are many ways to find out if you have a draft. One easy way is–on a cold or windy day–place your hand in front of your window jamb. Do you feel a cold breeze? There’s an air leak. Another way is to place a lighter or match in front of any cracks or openings. If the flame blows without manipulation, there’s an air leak. If you’re uncomfortable tackling this issue yourself, it never hurts to see what options your landlord suggests. Some renters opt to surround drafty windows with bubble wrap as a cost-effective method of insulation. Others choose to hang heavier drapes–a completely adequate alternative, and a bit more pricey than bubble wrap, but your heating bill might finally shrink.

Cold Floors No More
Is your apartment’s foundation made of wood or tile? Then you can expect those floors to be especially cold in the coming months. One easy way to avoid this is to simply keep thick socks or slippers on. But some people just prefer to go barefoot. What’s a sockless renter to do? Buy a few cheap rugs to throw down on the floor. Pay particular attention to where your feet always meet the floor–at your bedside, in the kitchen, bathroom and perhaps near the living room sofa.

Unleash Your Inner Julia Child
The cold months are notorious for preparing and enjoying large, hearty meals. But did you know that this is also a great way to keep warm? Use your oven as often as possible. The smaller your apartment, the more it’ll warm up. So whip up a few casseroles, bake a pie or two and keep warm!

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