Family-Friendly Locations to Visit in the Auburn Gresham Neighborhood of Chicago

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Auburn Gresham is a south side neighborhood of Chicago that dates back to the early nineteenth century. It is known for St. Sabina Church, which remains a popular place of worship for many Chicagoans since it first opened in 1933. If you happen to be around the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, you will find that there is plenty to do indoors, especially during the Fall. If you are looking for family-friendly places to visit, here are just some locations you may want to check out during this cold season!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Roller Skating and Bowling Center
There is a popular Auburn Gresham skating and bowling center located by South Racine Avenue and West 76th street. This family center is called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Roller Skating and Bowling Center. It literally includes fun for the whole family. In the center, you will find a skating rink, a bowling alley, a café with delicious treats, and a collection of video arcades! You will also find special guest DJs play music on the background for a full fun experience. Interested in a family-fun filled night of dancing and more? Visit their site to learn more about their events.

Thurgood Marshall Library
Are you on a budget and looking for a free place to visit? If your children love reading books, then Thurgood Marshall Library is definitely the place to be during these low temperatures. The Marshall library is located by South Racine Avenue and West 75th Street on the north side of Auburn Gresham. It first opened in 1994, and it was named after the first African American to serve on the United States Supreme Court from 1908-1993. The library features historical sculptures and artworks that truly define the community’s legacy. You can definitely learn more about this amazing library and their wonderful children events by checking out their website.

Foster Park, Chicago Park District
Another free location to visit during this cold season is Chicago Park District’s Foster Park. It is a great place to find all kinds of child-friendly recreational activities. Foster Park in Auburn Gresham is considered a neighborhood green space. It’s located by South Ashland Avenue and West 83rd Street. You can find several indoor family activities such as fitness center, indoor basketball courts, and indoor pool. They currently are hosting free swimming lessons for children and adults, now until December. For more information on other indoor and outdoor fall and winter activities, visit their website today.

Fall season has officially begun in Chicago, the temperatures are starting to drop, and time being spent outdoors is being limited. However, you can still visit these family-friendly places during these cold weekends and enjoy quality family time in Auburn Gresham!

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