Company Culture: An Inside Look at Pangea Properties

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Our Drive
Pangea was born on the premise that success starts in the home. A stable, safe space is the foundation upon which strength, ambition and opportunity grow.

Back in 2009, when the real estate market was at an all time low, we identified an opportunity to improve many sorely underserved communities in the Chicagoland area. Since the day Pangea came to fruition, we have been working to purchase and renovate rundown buildings in these neighborhoods, as well as Baltimore and Indianapolis, to provide clean, safe and affordable homes for residents.

Improving the living conditions both in the home and the community is our driving force; our motivation to work a little harder and push a little further.

Our Tribe
We brought together an eclectic bunch of people from all walks of life – from diverse cultures, backgrounds, hometowns and more. Every person has their own story; their own path that they traveled to become a key component of the Pangea machine.

Pangeans are intelligent, hardworking and most importantly passionate.

Our employees are vocal about causes of importance to them, goals that they have for themselves and one another, and ideas that they want to test out. We love to see people push the boundaries and think outside of the box.

Our Vibe
We work hard during the day so that we can celebrate our successes and enjoy each other’s company afterwards. Team outings and employee gatherings – whether it’s our annual cook-out, poker tournaments, playing on our softball team or enjoying a beer in the break room – are not uncommon occurrences for us. We have also been known to throw a mean themed party. 90’s game night, anyone?

Employees also have opportunities to give back at our monthly Pangea Cares events. Whether we are cleaning local parks, cooking dinner at a homeless shelter or handing out backpacks and school supplies, Pangeans never cease to amaze us with their willingness to participate and enthusiasm to make a difference.

By getting to know one another on a personal level, we form friendships that build the platform on which team work can truly begin. Not only do we develop a mutual respect and an admiration of the work that each other produces, but we truly enjoy one another’s company.

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