3 Tips for Moving on Short Notice

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Although not ideal, every so often one finds them self thrown to the curb with little or no prior notice. No matter what the circumstance, we’ve got some tips that will help you get through the chaos of making a quick and unexpected move.

1. Find a place. First and foremost, if you have little notice from your landlord about not renewing your current lease, then the first thing you need to do is figure out where you’re going to live next. Using rental sites with mass availability (think Craigslist, Zillow, HotPads, etc.) is a good way to start. Contacting a leasing agent or asking for references from friends and family is another strong option. Most landlords begin listing property vacancies around 30-60 days out. However, you’d be surprised by the amount of units that are available for immediate move in. You just have to put in the extra work to find them.

2. Pack and/or donate 3 to 5 boxes a day. Whether you have 5 days or 5 weeks to pack up all of your belongings, it’s always a good idea to tackle it in increments. By setting small daily goals for yourself, you’re much more likely to meet them than if you’re only looking at the bigger picture, which can often be cripplingly overwhelming. Instead, set up as many donation bags as you have boxes each day. As you begin to pack, simply toss anything you haven’t worn or used in the past year. If it was trivial enough that you forgot about it, then you likely have no real use for it in your new place.

3. Ask for help. Whether you hire professionals or call in a favor from some of your friends, the easiest way to make your move as seamless as possible is with a little help. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” There’s a lot that goes into a move: searching, packing, cleaning, organizing & heavy lifting to name a few. By recruiting others to share some of the burden, you can cut the time it will take to tackle everything by as much as half.

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