6 Ways to Make Winter Moving a Breeze

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Traditionally, peak moving season falls in between the months of May and August. That’s when school’s out and vacations commence, so it totally makes sense. But for many reasons, not everyone has the luxury of moving when weather permits. Maybe your lease isn’t up until December. Perhaps you have to move unexpectedly for work or a family emergency. But there is a bright side. Moving in the off-peak season could save you a ton of money because honestly, not many others are doing it. Here’s a list of ways you can make your winter move a breeze, relatively speaking.

Expect the unexpected
Even if you’ve hired the most popular movers in town, they have no control over the wrath of Mother Nature. Ice storms, blizzards and closed freeways are common occurrences in the winter and your moving schedule will have to be adjusted. Keep these possibilities in mind.

Dress for the weather
This might seem obvious, but some people insist on dressing lightly because moving can be a hot, sweaty job. However, those bitter temperatures plus a thin layer of clothing could give birth to an awful cold shortly thereafter. So dress in layers. If you do get really hot, you can always peel layers off and put them back on when you get cold again.

Turn the heat on
Not only should you confirm that heat is turned on at your new place, but it’s probably a good idea to keep it on at your old place until you are definitely and officially moved out. The same goes for other utilities like electricity and water. And double check that the utilities are fully and properly functioning at your new apartment. While these tasks should be done when moving at any time of the year, it’s especially important over the next few months. Can you imagine moving into a cold apartment with no lights or hot water? Your bills at the old and new places might overlap for a month, but your comfort and warmth will surely be worth the extra cost.

Keep the floors clean
Outside winter conditions will leave your apartment floors a wet, icy mess. To keep snow, mud and slushy goop from tarnishing your new or old place, cover them up. Buy some plastic drop cloth, or just use old sheets. Both will need to be anchored down to the floor to keep everyone from slipping and sliding all over the place. If you’ve hired movers, they may already have professional grade drop cloth to put down for you.

Charge those batteries
Keep all electronic devices fully charged. This includes not only phones and tablets, but flashlights as well. If you happen to get stuck in a winter storm, you need to be able to communicate whether it be via phone call, text or email. The flashlight of course will come in handy if you get stuck at night.

Have a tea party
Well, not literally. The cold weather will increase the need for a steamy hot beverage every hour or two. Keep a box handy filled with tea bags, packets of instant coffee or hot chocolate, sugar, creamer and some disposable cups. Your movers will thank you!

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