The Benefits of Shopping at Your Locally Owned Shops

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Do you love to shop ’til you drop? Malls and major chain stores can be super fun to visit, especially during those huge sales! However, as much as I also love shopping at major malls and chain stores, I realized that shopping locally can be very beneficial to our local communities. Here are 5 good reasons as to why it may be beneficial to our local communities to shop at locally owned businesses.

Economic Advantage
Compared to major chain stores, local “mom & pop shops” are more likely to keep investing their profits back into the local community since the owners are more likely to live within the area. This means that every dollar you spend on their product is supporting your own community through street sanitation, property maintenance, structural enhancements and other neighborhood beautification benefits to name a few. Their money gets recycled and creates tax revenue, which helps everyone in the local community grow economically.

Local Decisions
When it comes to major decisions, the local owner may be more likely to listen to their neighbors. Local owners understand the impact of their business towards the local community since they are also part of the same community. Therefore, when it comes to malpractices, price ranges, and customer service, local owners will more likely empathize with the services that their product provides to their local customers in order to keep their business running fully successful.

Job Growth
Small businesses in your local community are there to serve their local customers. As their business grows, so does their ability to expand their business and hire new employees. Local businesses are more likely to create jobs in the area, pay better wages, and provide more benefits. Not only will you be helping your local business grow economically, but your local business will also help their employees grow professionally.

Market Diversity
Small businesses depend on their local customers, not on national sales. Therefore, your local shop is more likely to focus on creating products that will satisfy the needs of their own population. As their customers grow diverse, so does their products. Their sales will always be based on their own interest and the needs of their loyal customers. This is an advantage that many major chain stores may not be able to provide immediately. Plus, by helping to sustain thousands of local shops you are also helping maintain low prices long-term.

Building Relationships
There is nothing wrong with major chains when it comes to their products. However, you are less likely to build a personal relationship with the decision-makers such as the CEO and Executives. Therefore, shopping locally will give you the advantage of seeing the face behind the brand. You will feel part of a community growth rather than just being another number on their national sales’ data.

Shopping doesn’t have to make you feel guilty though. Instead of going cold turkey and not shopping at malls and major chain-stores, start supporting one small shop at a time for every major chain store you help support. Don’t just shop ‘til you drop, instead shop smart.

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