Quiz: Are You a Bad Roommate?

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Quiz: Are You a Bad Roommate?

Even if you live with your best friend that you’ve known since the second grade, having a roommate is tough. Maybe you have two completely different definitions of cleanliness. Or perhaps you’re an early bird and your roomie is a night owl. It’s hard to live in the same space with someone who’s habits and beliefs are not like yours. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if YOU are the one who’s hard to live with? How can you tell? Maybe this quiz will shed some light.

Your definition of messy is…
A. A single spoon in the sink. It literally takes 10 seconds to wash it! How lazy can a person be?!
B. An overflowing laundry basket and a sink full of dishes. Hey, we all get a little busy every now and again.
C. Cups and old takeout containers littered on the floor beside the bed. And it’s totally acceptable since you’re the only one who sleeps in your room.

What do you normally do with the food you cook?
A. Eat it, but I always offer some to my roommate. It would be rude not to.
B. I leave it out for the roommate. No need for me to say anything. If she’s hungry, she’ll eat it.
C. I eat some, then store the rest in the fridge–with my name on it.

Your roommate was given a container of homemade chocolate chip cookies from a coworker. You…
A. Don’t touch them. They’re not yours.
B. Sneak a couple when she’s not home–but only after she’s already had a few herself.
C. Help yourself to as many as you’d like. She’s not eating them fast enough, and you don’t want them to go to waste.

Conversations with your roommate are usually…
A. Pretty in-depth. It’s important to get to know the person you share a bathroom with everyday.
B. Short, but cordial. I don’t like small talk.
C. Non-existent. As long as she pays the rent on time, we don’t need to be best friends forever.

When you need to have a talk with your roommate, you…
A. Have a face-to-face conversation, but you give her a couple hours to unwind after she gets home first.
B. Leave a note on her bedroom door.
C. Send her a DM via Instagram or Twitter.

When you want to bring a guest over, you…
A. Give your roommate a heads up a day or two in advance.
B. Wait until your friend is on the way over, then let your roommate know.
C. Say nothing. You don’t need permission to bring a friend over.

Your roommate left her laptop on the coffee table when she left for work. You…
A. Take it to her room and place it on her bed. You do not need to be blamed for anything happening to her property.
B. Leave it there.
C. Use it. Her laptop is so much cooler than yours.

While cleaning the kitchen, you accidentally knock over your roommate’s blender and it suffers a very noticeable crack. You…
A. Start apologizing profusely as soon as she sets foot in the door. You also promise to skip your car insurance payment to buy her a new one on your next pay day.
B. Text her and tell her about the accident, but assure her that some tape or superglue should be a sufficient fix.
C. Put the blender back in its rightful place and keep quiet. She can’t prove that you did anything.

So, are you a bad roommate? If you answered…

Mostly A’s: Kudos to you! You are a generous, thoughtful and selfless roommate. You might be a little Type A, but you know how to keep to yourself and when to speak up.

Mostly B’s: You’re not a bad roommate at all. You might be a little passive-aggressive though. You’re not a neat freak, and you might sneak a cookie here and there, but overall you’re a decent person to live with.

Mostly C’s: Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer living alone? From the food hoarding to bringing over last minute guests, your habits do lean a bit on the inconsiderate side. It might be time to reevaluate your living situation.

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