No Guest Room in Your Apartment? No Problem!

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No Guest Room in Your Apartment? No Problem!

As an apartment renter, one of the most nerve-wrecking feelings you can experience is when a friend or family member invites themselves over to your place for a couple days. You’re thinking, “You want to spend a couple days? Here? In MY apartment?!” You barely have enough room for yourself, let alone a two-day visitor. But before you pop a blood vessel, know that there are a few ways you can make your tiny space comfortable enough for company.

Start with a clean slate
If you have a habit of accumulating clutter around your apartment, clean it up. Now. picking up after yourself has the uncanny ability to not only make your apartment look organized, but it also give the illusion of a bigger space. By clearing up floor and table top space, your guest will feel like their stuff actually has somewhere to go.

Invest in makeshift bedding
If your visitor is not coming right away, that will give you time to save up and shop for bedding. There is no need to bust your budget for a full size bed, mattress, box springs and headboard. No way. If you are in the market for living room seating, you might opt for a futon instead of traditional couch or sofa. This way the futon can function as everyday seating, then double as a bed at night when it’s needed. If a futon is not on your radar, an air mattress could be the next best thing. If space is really tight, an air mattress is pretty awesome because it can be deflated, folded and stored away until its next use. Another benefit of the air mattress is that if you ever visit anyone who does not have a lot of space, you can bring it and save your host an unnecessary headache.

Get good grub
Seriously, there is nothing worse than staying at someone’s house and they have no food. Or all the food they do have is stuff you would never, ever eat. Sorry, but not everyone enjoys almond butter by the spoonful every single day like you do. Ask your guest what they like and make it a point to get a few of those things before they arrive. If shopping for your visitor isn’t possible, at least offer to take them to a store when they arrive so they can stock up on all the things they like.

Create a guest nook
It’s OK if you don’t have an entire closet for your guest to store their stuff. At the very least, try clearing out a corner or wall where suitcases, bags and shoes can live. Bonus points if you can find an area that has an electrical outlet nearby to charge up when the need arises.

Make privacy a priority
Chances are, the only place your visitor will get even an ounce of alone time is in the bathroom. So you will definitely want to make sure their needs are met. Does the bathroom door lock properly? Is there enough hand soap and toilet paper? What about extra towels? Make your guest’s visit is as comfortable as possible by thinking ahead. What would you want and need in a bathroom if you were visiting someone for a couple days?

Be mindful
Your Saturday morning ritual of waking up at the crack of dawn to mop the kitchen floor while blasting 80s hits might need to wait a few days. Because your guest is sleeping in a common area and they are probably taking time off work to visit you, you could at least keep it down and let them sleep in a bit. The same goes for if your visitor likes to turn in earlier than you do. Keep quiet and let them relax. You will have your place back to yourself in due time.

Don’t freak out
Yes, your apartment will be a bit messier and noisier than usual with company there. It might even feel smaller, not to mention you’ve lost a bit of your own privacy. Keep in mind that your guest is depending on you for a comfortable stay, so ignore the slight inconveniences and have fun with your visitor!

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