There’s Nothing Wrong with Plain White Walls

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There’s Nothing Wrong with Plain White Walls

After moving into a new apartment, many renters are eager to flex those decorating muscles. Because many properties do not allow renters to paint, though, renters are faced with a dilemma.

What exactly is the problem?

Some people believe that white walls are too plain, boring and predictable.

If you are a person who craves a punch of color and personality, white walls do not have to be a decor obstacle. Understandably, apartment renters are sometimes limited in terms of just how creative then can get. But it’s time to look at your white walls as inspiration or a blank canvas, not a detriment.

White is a relaxing color, despite its brightness and crispness. In your daily life, you are surrounded by all kinds of colors, objects and noises. It can actually be a treat to come home to a simple space that lacks all of that.

White walls go far beyond decor. It can be a metaphor for life. Life is complicated. You have so many choices to make. Why not take one thing off your heavy plate and just leave your walls just the way they are?

Do you know how some colors are seasonal? For example, deep earth tones like browns and oranges are popular during the cool fall months. When spring and summer roll around, those dark shades do not seem to fit in anymore. Well, you can expect the exact opposite with white walls. They fit in just fine 365 days a year.

White is classic and can work well with any decor theme you might want to play with. Do you like modern furniture? Or how about beachy knick knacks? How do you feel about adding charm with cool antiques? All of these themes can be incorporated against the backdrop of a white wall.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not suggesting that you leave your plain white walls completely void of any and all things. If you want, you can definitely use it as a canvas for displaying cool art and paintings to add a bit of color and personality to your space. Have you ever been to an art museum? Chances are, every piece of art you saw was hanging up against–you guessed it–a white wall! If minimalism is your thing, find one oversized piece of inspiring art and hang it as a single conversation piece in the center of your white wall.

If you do prefer to leave your walls bare, that still gives you tons of opportunity to play around with other decor. Pillows, area rugs and window treatments are probably the easiest things to incorporate and alternate to switch up your colors every now and then. For bigger pops of color, you can certainly find cool chairs and ottomans covered in eclectic textiles and patterns. It wouldn’t be as easy to experiment with these extras if your walls were already painted in a bold color. One trick that interior designers swear by is choosing three colors and simply repeating them throughout the space with various accessories.

With all this talk of white walls, we couldn’t go without admitting that–just like any other white surface–walls do need to be cleaned and maintained. But how?

If your vacuum cleaner has a hose attachment, use it to get rid dust and spider webs that occasionally accumulate.

For wall spots or stains, many times a quick wipe down with warm soapy water will make the spot disappear. You also have the option of concealing the stain with a layer or two of white paint, just be sure it’s the same exact shade of white, or else the contrast will really be obvious.

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