How to Make More Time for Yourself

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How to Make More Time for Yourself

It seems incredibly hard to find time for yourself, doesn’t it? Work takes up most of your day. Looking after your family and making sure they are well taken care of is a huge endeavor. And just getting from point A to point B is a chore. Add in sleep, and this pretty much sounds like your life, right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ways to ensure that you take time for the most important person in your life–you!

Admit that you need some “me” time
The first step is to recognize and admit that you have a problem with taking time out for yourself. But you deserve it. We all do. And if you haven’t recognized it, there are signs you could be missing. Are you tired? Always sad or feeling down? Completely stressed out? Is your plate toppling over with things to do? When is the last time you had a vacation–a real vacation? You know, it’s nearly impossible to give your all every day if you are completely tapped out. Personal time is necessary in order to be the best you can possibly be.

Do you really have free time?
It’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. What habits could you cut out of your life in order to spend them more meaningfully? In other words, pinpoint your time wasting habits and stop wasting time doing those things. How much time do you spend on social media? How many unnecessary trips to the grocery store do you take in a week or month? Cutting out these bad habits could open the doorway to more quality self-time.

Tip: There are lots of free time tracking tools both online and on your tablet or smartphone. Use them to record every single thing you do. After doing this for a few days, you’ll have a clear picture of how your time is really spent, despite what you may have thought. If you really need help with controlling your tech habits, there are even apps that can (temporarily) block you from visiting social media sites.

How to spend your time
OK, so you’re open to spending some time alone. Great! Now, what the heck should you do? There’s a gazillion options. What would make you the most happy? Relaxation? Then you could take a nice long nap or bubble bath, or indulge in a massage at the spa. Is it adventure you’re looking for? Go for a swim, a bike ride or try indoor rock climbing. Make a list of all the things you might try when you get some time to yourself. Keep your list close by so that you can refer to it when an opening in your schedule pops up. For the most flexibility, choose activities that vary in how long they take. Some tasks or hobbies might only require 10 minutes of free time while others might need a whole day in order for you to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Finding time for yourself might just require a simple mind shift. It’s quite possible that it’s not that you don’t have any time to spare, it’s just that you haven’t made time for yourself a priority. It’ll feel strange at first, sure, but in time you will find that once you give yourself the time you need, you can more easily give in other areas of your life–both at work and at home. Even if it’s just five minutes here and there, making time for you is an absolute must. Overall, you’ll be a better person because of it.

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