2016 Summer Fitness Festival

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Last Sunday, July 26th, we partnered with the Chicago Sky to host an afternoon of fun and games open to the children in our communities! We set up this event with 3 goals in mind:

  1. Promote exercise through new, fun activities and teach healthy eating habits
  2. Get to know our residents and other members of the communities that we work in
  3. Celebrate the kick-off to summer break

The event took place at Meyering Park on 72nd street and was free of charge for all of our registered residents and members of the community. We had a great time meeting some of our younger community members. The highlight of the afternoon was the “Bingo Athletics.” Kids played a game of Bingo where they had to go to different stations and accomplish athletic exercises in order to get the space marked off. These bingo stations incorporated fun sports like soccer and relay races, but also tested a participant’s strength with push-ups (the dancing station might have been the crowd favorite). After the contestants got “Bingo” they were awarded with fun prizes.

We would like to say a huge “thank you” to all of our vendors and sponsors who helped make the event a success:

The event was a wonderful success and we want to express our appreciation to all of those who came out to support our cause to help youth to learn about health and fitness. We hope this event will be a springboard to a healthy summer for all of our residents. Thank you again to the Chicago Sky who worked very hard to make this event possible.


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