Moving? Here’s How to Do It the Stress-Free Way

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Moving? Here’s How to Do It the Stress-Free Way

Declutter as you pack
Starting out in a new apartment is the beginning of the rest of your life. You will not want to bring unnecessary stuff with you. As you begin packing, toss the things you no longer want or need to the side. You know–the old Christmas sweaters. The dusty, muddy gym shoes. The frying pan that’s been pushed to the back of the cupboard. Whatever items you will not miss as you embark on this new chapter need to go. Such items can be given away, donated or thrown out if it’s no longer in usable condition. If you have items in really good condition that could be sold, it would be smart to do that a few weeks before moving so that those things are no longer in your way and you can put the extra funds toward your moving expenses.

Label everything
Packing may not necessarily be difficult, but it is repetitive and time-consuming. You will save yourself a lot of time with unpacking if you box everything up as efficiently as possible. Pack similar items together, then use a dark permanent marker to label your boxes. Simply writing “Kitchen”, “Bathroom” or “Master Bedroom” could be enough. If you need to be more specific, also write “bed linens”, “canned goods” and similar descriptions. The point is, labeling your boxes ensures that whoever is helping you knows exactly where everything goes. So when you get to your new place, all you have to do is unbox everything. Make sure that you do not just label the tops of your boxes. Once they are stacked, you will not be able to see the labels anymore. Write on the sides, too. If writing all over your boxes is too much, you can buy stickers and color code each box by room. Purple for the bedroom; yellow for the bathroom, and so on. No matter the labeling method you choose, you will save yourself from having to answer one of the most annoying moving day questions: “Where do you want this?”

Get help
For smaller jobs like packing, it’s a good idea to have a friend or two come over and help you out. Packing is a fairly easy job, and it can be fun–and faster–when done with others. Friends will keep you focused and motivated–way more than you would be doing it all by yourself. Now when it comes to the major moving, you may want to enlist more help–professional help, to be exact. Yes, hiring professional movers will cost you. But let’s focus on the benefits here. First of all, your friends will not be forced to come up with a lie about why they can’t help you move because all you’ve asked them to do is help you with some light packing. Friends and family have a tendency to kind of stand around not really doing anything, anyway. Movers are getting paid, so they’ll be moving the entire time, if they want to get paid. Professional movers do this for a living, so they are quick and efficient with moving your stuff in and out. And the most important thing to keep in mind is that they do it all SAFELY. Movers carry insurance so just in case any of your items are lost or damaged, or if they are hurt on the job, you won’t be stuck with having to worry about the financial impact of any of those things. Seriously, do you want to be blamed for your friend blowing his back out while lifting your 70 inch flat screen TV?

Keep essentials handy
Everyone has made this mistake while moving. You get everything all boxed up and then you realize that one really important thing that you need is at the bottom of a giant box, at the bottom of a stack of boxes. Don’t do that. Some things you might want to keep nearby include: snacks, bottled water, disposable cups, plates and cutlery, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, contact lenses, prescription medicine, light bulbs, tape, permanent marker, sticky notes or a notebook, plastic freezer bags, batteries, basic tools, cleaning supplies, important and personal documents, and your keys.

Rest up
The last thing you want on moving day is to have to handle a thousand responsibilities without having gotten enough sleep the night before. Surely you are tempted to stay up until 3 a.m. to finish packing, but that would be setting yourself up for failure. Start packing as early as you possibly can. A few boxes per night leading up to your move will leave time to get enough rest leading up to your big moving day.

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