Not Enough Space in Your Place? Think Again

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Not Enough Space in Your Place? Think Again

In larger metropolitan areas, having to live in a small apartment is just a fact of life. You may have to make some sacrifices. You will have to get super organized. You will need to make some adjustments if you want to live efficiently. However, even if you are lacking in square footage, you can still make the most of the little space you have been given.

Invest in furniture with wheels
Just about any piece of furniture you can think of can be purchased with wheels. Beds, tables, dressers, chairs–you name it. And if your current furniture does not have wheels, it could be possible to attach them with the help of a handy friend, or perhaps a YouTube video tutorial. Plastic sliders can also have the same benefit. But what does this have to do with space? Everything! Wheels makes it easier to move your stuff around. You can constantly try your furniture in various positions and angles until you find just the right fit. Also, if you need to make room for an overnight guest or a party, you can move your things in no time with the convenience of wheels. That level of flexibility is such an asset when it comes to small apartment living.

Pieces with added storage
Are you in the market for something new to add to your apartment? Do not just settle for a traditional coffee table, bed or other furnishing. Get something that has added storage. For example, an oversized ottoman that opens at the top can make for a great coffee table that stores your small electronics, books and magazines. As if that wasn’t enough, it could also be a comfy footrest. A bed with built in drawers is a great option for storing shoes or bed linens. How about a bedside night stand with drawers? As you shop, keep thinking about storage that will add function and convenience to your small living space.

Make use of luggage and bags
Do you only fill up your suitcases when it’s time to hop on a plane and go somewhere far, far away? Bad idea. Never leave your suitcases and other travel bags empty! Instead, use them to store things that do not have a dedicated home. This could be your off-season wardrobe and shoes, extra or bulky bed linens, tools or hardware.

Flexible shelving
From bookshelves to cubby hole cubes, these units can serve a multitude of purposes. When shopping, see if you can get a model that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. This way you can make changes later on without having to buy yet another unit. A bookshelf could lie flat for a while, and even serve as a bench or table top. But then you may need it to stand upright in the future if space becomes tight. Instead of just going for the largest piece that may fit in a particular space, try to find one that offers some level of flexibility. This also means items that are foldable or stackable.

How have you managed to save space in your small apartment?

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