Apartment Decor: When to Splurge and When to Save

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If your apartment is lacking all the furnishings and decor you need, there are some tough decisions you will need to make in the process of transforming your apartment into something that feels more like home. Will you go all out and purchase top-notch, designer everything? Or will you take the frugal route and spend more thriftily?

Actually, you don’t have to choose one way to spend over the other. You can achieve a happy medium by splurging on more important items while saving on other things. If you are not sure which apartment must-haves deserve all of your hard earned cash versus which ones you should buy cheaply or second-hand, keep reading.

Sofa or couch
In many homes, the sofa gets used almost more than any other furnishing. Since the sofa gets so much action, it really does make sense to spend a pretty penny on a quality piece. Because of its frequent use, you will want a sofa that is comfortable yet durable and made with high-quality materials. A poor quality sofa cannot be saved. Which means it would need to be replaced as soon as normal wear and tear starts to appear. However, a more expensive sofa can be reupholstered, which is more affordable than investing additional time and money into finding yet another sofa. Your goal here is to not have to purchase another sofa in the next few years at the very least.

Dining table
Living in an apartment, the dining table argument really could go either way. If you are someone who uses the dining room table frequently, then you will want to set aside a large chunk of cash to acquire a good one. Throughout the course of a year, dining tables endure a lot of wear and tear from hot dishes to food stains and spills. A cheap table will never be able to stand up to that kind of use. Solid wood, or even a table topped with a thick layer of granite, marble or another stone could all work in your favor.

However, you may fall into the category of people who pretty much only use their dining table on Thanksgiving Day. Does that sound like you? If so, then don’t waste your money on an expensive table that you know you will rarely use in the first place. Transfer those funds to something else you know you will get much use out of.

Art and decor
Unless you are an aspiring museum curator, you probably do not need to invest too much money into small decor items and artwork for your apartment. That’s because over time, you are likely to want to change up these items anyway. Why invest a ton of cash only to want a different look and feel a few months down the road? Whether it’s thrifting or going the DIY route, take care to not go overboard just to add some personality to your personal space.

Keep your health in mind
You may be wondering what your health has to do with buying furniture and decor for your apartment. For some people, it’s a very important factor to keep in mind. Certain pieces like office chairs, desks and mattresses must be carefully chosen for those who suffer from certain health issues. For example, a person who experiences chronic back pain would be silly to buy a cheap mattress that will not support or address the issue at hand. Where your health is a concern, plan to budget more for those items that will directly affect your personal comfort, health and well-being.

Did you splurge or save on any particular household item? Which one and why?

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