Fun Ways to Get to Know Your Roommate

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Your relationship with your roommate will have a huge and lasting effect on how you view the apartment rental experience. Although being best friends with that person would be perfect, the real world usually doesn't lend itself to such ideal circumstances. Because you two are sharing personal space and time, it is important to at least attempt to bond and get to know each other–if you don’t already–in order to forge a pleasant living arrangement.

Do you have any idea if you and your roommate have anything in common? Do you share any interests? Hobbies? Dislikes? Habits? Now is the time to find out.

Cook an exotic meal together
This could be a really fun time together if you want to get really creative. Is your ethnic background or culture different from your roommate’s? Great! The two of you can each prepare a meal that represents your native country. A Mexican dish paired with something from Italy could be a delicious treat. Also, it would give both of you the rare chance to try some foods that you may not have ever considered before. If ethnic dishes are not an option, try another theme: healthy, vegan, desserts–whatever you two have the taste for! The benefits of cooking together with your roommate are plentiful. It’s definitely quality bonding time. You’ll learn some new cooking skills or techniques. And you may enjoy it so much that it becomes a regular activity, allowing both roommates to get to know each other better and to become more comfortable in each other’s presence.

Make it a classic movie night
From cable TV to Hulu to Netflix and other streaming services, it’s pretty darn easy to watch any movie or TV show your heart desires. While catching up on the latest release or season is common, why not put a different twist on movie night? Find out what old school movies or shows your roommate has never seen. For example, if he or she has never watched a hugely popular movie like Titanic or a program like The Cosby Show, it’s time to grab the popcorn and get comfortable! Movie night will make for an easy and cost-effective bonding experience with your roommate, and it’ll also help you understand more about each others’ personality. Can your love for comedies mesh with your roommate’s obsession with science fiction and movie heroes? Find out on movie night!

Search for a dual decor style
When living together, figuring out the best way to get your apartment looking and feeling perfect–or close to it–can be a challenge. But even if you love all the colors of the rainbow and your roommate is more of a neutral, monotone person, finding a middle ground is possible. Spend a couple hours browsing websites like Pinterest and Houzz. Show each other what types of decor you really love–and what types you really don’t. Surely there is a way to integrate two different styles in a complementary–and hopefully affordable–manner. Just be strategic in how you go about decking out your place. For example, if you both split the cost of a living room sofa, who gets to keep it when one of you is ready to move out?

Spend an ordinary day together
Running errands around town may not sound like your idea of fun. But you may change your mind after spending a typical day with your roommate. When accompanying another person on their day-to-day tasks, you will get a really intimate look at how that person operates, which can reveal a lot. Before heading out, both roommates should make a list of where they need to go and what tasks need to be accomplished. Then let the adventure begin! Who knows… your roommate may introduce you to a new cool spot in town that you didn’t even know existed!

What other ways do you think are good for getting to know your roommates?

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