Surprise Moving Expenses That Could Ruin Your Budget

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If you have ever endured a move before, then you know very well that the expenses can go far beyond just hiring some professional movers to help you out. Unfortunately, there is no limit when it comes to what you will pay out of pocket to get from one residence to the next. Here are some expenditures you may not have factored into your budget.

Activation of utilities
Sometimes, it may be necessary to pay an activation fee or deposit to get utilities set up and running in your new place. This may even be the case if you are simply transferring an existing utility account to a new address. There may also be a cancellation fee if you are ditching your service or account altogether. Besides the fact that these fees do exist, it would be wise to take the extra step to keep very careful records of all your utility bills at both your old apartment and your new one. Without planning ahead, you may end up paying more than you expect for any services that overlap at both apartments.

Tip: To avoid missing any bills in the mail during or after your move, sign up for online bill pay with your utility companies and other businesses you pay regularly to ensure that you don’t forget any payments (or get charged any late fees).

Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing your new place
Some people cannot fathom setting foot into a new apartment without first scrubbing it from top to bottom. And to be honest, cleaning up before officially moving in is really the best–and easiest–time to get such a large job done. There’s nothing in your way, so you can really deep clean the place from top to bottom. However, getting your new place squeaky clean could mean a trip to the store for lots of cleaning and household supplies. Although the upfront expense of these supplies may not be expected, the purchases should last you a while, so it’ll be worth it.

Updates to insurance
Did you know that your address affects how much you pay for car insurance? When moving to a new location–even if you’re still in the same vicinity–it could mean changes to how much your pay for things like car insurance. Keep this in mind if you’re moving closer to the city, or to a more populated area than before. Depending on how far you move, you may even have to increase your vehicle coverage completely (ie. from liability to full coverage). It’s best to do your homework on this possible increased expense as early as possible–meaning before you actually move.

Local membership fees
Do you pay for a gym membership or any other leisure classes? You will want to cancel them if you are moving too far to attend these activities anymore.

Splurging and indulging
After a rough move, it’s totally normal to want to treat yourself. You absolutely deserve it! From ordering take out (since you still haven’t unpacked the kitchen stuff) or scheduling a massage (because those heavy boxes did a number on your back), do your best to plan ahead and don’t indulge more than your budget allows. Take advantage of discount sites like Groupon to get the most bang for your buck.

Miscellaneous expenses
Here, you can dump all the unanticipated costs that don’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories. Are you moving into a place that has no window coverings (shades, blinds, etc.)? You’ll need to buy some if you want any level of privacy. There’s also the cost associated with getting a new drivers license or registering your car with the city or county.

What unexpected costs did you encounter when you last moved?

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