Cutting the Cable Cord… Should You Do It?

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There are only two ways for a person to save more money. One way is to increase your income. The other way is to decrease your expenses. In many cases, cable TV is the first luxury that people look to cut out when trying to figure out how to keep more money in their wallet, whether it be for other–more important–uses, or just for a rainy day. But before you take that leap and cut the cord for good, there could be a few reasons to keep that cable cord connected. Here are some reasons you might not want to pull the plug just yet.

Are you a sports fanatic? If so, then keeping your cable that includes a sports package might be worth it to you. Even though there are many streaming services available that cost much less than cable, not all of them offer the advantage of live sports. If you get rid of cable, you will likely only be able to stream games after they have already aired, and after everyone else (who still has cable) has already seen them. Watching a game after the fact–especially when you already know the outcome–definitely takes away from the fun and enjoyment.

Late to the party
Some people are extremely adamant about watching their favorite TV shows the exact moment that they come on TV. Streaming or binging at a later time and date is just not an option for some people, especially when spoilers run rampant on social media these days. If you want to be in on the conversation when it comes to TV at the water cooler or online, then cutting cable would not be in your best interest.

Your wifi sucks
Fast, high-speed internet is usually not cheap these days. If you happen to pay for more affordable services, it is possible that your connection may not be suitable for regular TV streaming online. Having a Netflix or Hulu account is not too enjoyable when you cannot see a clear, crisp picture on your laptop, tablet, or phone. By keeping cable TV services, a crystal clear picture every time is what you pay for, and that is undoubtedly what you will get.

Other hobbies add up
So maybe you don’t want to cut cable to save money. Perhaps your goal is to get off the couch and enjoy life away from the small screen. That’s awesome! But how much is your new lifestyle costing you? Joining a gym or taking a class are additional expenses that you may not want to incur. Instead, you can use your cable TV programming to supplement your hobbies. There are plenty of channels and on-demand options where you can stream workout videos, cooking demonstrations, and so much more. Do a search and see what you are already paying for within your existing cable package. You might be able to just enjoy your hobby or extracurricular activity by watching and playing along!

The disappearing act
Just because your favorite movies are available via a streaming service does not mean they always will be. Every month, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon erase (and add) a number of programs to keep their selection fresh. Won’t you be bummed when you can no longer stream all nine seasons of The Office? What about when they finally remove your favorite movie of all time? Depending on your preferences, the programs you like may only be available via cable and its complementary on-demand feature. Do some research before you make any final decisions.

Have you cut cable? Do you regret your decision?

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