Why Choose a Middle-Floor Apartment?

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During your apartment search, you may have to make a decision in terms of what floor you are most comfortable living on. You may immediate think about the pros and cons of renting on the top floor vs. the bottom floor, but what is it like to rent somewhere in the middle? Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

If you are a person who thrives on the sound of city life, then a middle floor apartment could be right up your alley. On the middle floor, you will likely experience less noise than a bottom floor apartment would offer, but certainly more than what would be heard on an upper or top floor. The same goes for foot traffic–in the middle there likely won’t be too much, but there will be some. In the middle, while the noise might still be unmistakable, it probably won’t be a nuisance. Just enough background noise to remind you that you are not alone.

Do you prefer that your utility bills remain relatively consistent throughout the year? Middle floor living could be just how you achieve that. Upper floors tend to get really hot because they tend to let in more sunlight, which requires frequent air conditioning to keep cool. Lower floors operate much like a basement would–it stays cooler, which could lead to higher than normal heating use. On a middle floor, your heating and cooling needs should balance out between these two extremes. Your budget will thank you!

A middle floor apartment–one that requires a stair climb–would benefit your health greatly, even if you only go out once per day. You will get a light workout without overextending yourself the way a top floor apartment might.

Although there is no way to predict or control this, some apartment dwellers do feel safer when they rent on a middle floor. In some cases, accessing a bottom floor apartment is too easy. And accessing a top floor unit–while it may not necessarily be easier, it could afford a criminal plenty of time to commit a personal property crime due to less foot traffic up there.

There’s also safety to think about in a different way. In the case of an emergency, it would be easier to escape from a middle floor than it would be from an upper-level apartment. Of course, a bottom floor would be the easiest, but a middle floor apartment might not be too difficult.

Have you ever lived in a middle-floor apartment? What was the experience like, and would you do it again?

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