What is a Duplex?

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In your pursuit for a new apartment, we understand that your search will likely include many sources besides pangeare.com. One important thing to note, though, is that you could be limiting your options by searching strictly for traditional apartments. Have you ever thought about widening your search to a duplex-style unit?

What is a duplex?
A duplex can be defined in many different ways, depending on who you ask. In general, a duplex is like two homes in one. Some are two levels stacked one on top of the other. Others are side-by-side with the two units sharing a single wall.

Is a duplex right for you?
If you are planning to live with other people–whether it be family members or roommates–a duplex is a great alternative to an apartment. Because of this, some people–and more importantly, listings–may refer to this type of living space as a “multifamily dwelling” or a “two-family dwelling” instead of a duplex. In some cases, a duplex may even be referred to as a “townhome” simply because many people think it has a more positive connotation.

Benefits of duplex living
Again, duplex-style homes are ideal for families and even roommates. Let’s say you have a large extended family and all of you need convenient living accommodations. If you are lucky enough to find a duplex that currently has both units available, then you could potentially rent them both and enjoy the advantage of having your friends and/or family all in one place. This living arrangement is especially beneficial when you factor in an aging loved one, or a family member who has special needs. Having the family together in one duplex would be the best choice possible, besides buying and owning a large enough home.

Let’s look at another scenario. Not everyone wants or needs to live with their family under the same roof. If it’s just yourself looking for a new place to live, you might be comforted by the thought of living really close to your neighbor. In the event that you ever need help, your duplex friend would be your closest and easiest way to get help. If you happen to travel, it would also be quite easy for that neighbor to keep an eye on your place if you asked them to.

Things to be aware of
In many cases, the owner of the duplex also lives in the duplex. So if you rent out this type of place, it’s quite possible that you may share a wall with your landlord. Depending on your own thoughts and preferences, this could be either a perk or a headache. Choose wisely.

Privacy and noise could also be issues, much like they are in apartment living. In a duplex, you would still be sharing a wall, ceiling or floor with another renter. That means that blasting your music on Saturday mornings while you clean may not be a great idea. Besides noise, also consider various scents that could affect your neighbor. For example, if you like to fry food a lot, that scent will naturally waft into your neighbor’s place. Are you ready to deal with that?

Depending on your individual circumstances, a duplex-style place might be the perfect choice for you. Don’t forget that Pangea Real Estate does allow you to search available property types online!

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