LiFE Restaurant: Slow down from the city life!

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Stop by LiFE Restaurant and enjoy the fresher side of homecooked food. All food is bought at the market that day and is made to order from scratch in front of customers. It does not get any fresher than this! Nestled in a standalone building at the intersection of Springfield and Madison in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, you will find a local favorite for tacos, wraps, salads, burgers, bowls and potatoes.

Just like at home, the heart of the restaurant is the kitchen. The open-concept kitchen and space focuses on the important thing – food! Building a kitchen without any walls in the middle of the restaurant invites customers to gather around the kitchen. A single row of chairs line the wall for waiting customers to pick up their take-out orders.

The colorful theme illustrates how colorful life is and how your food should be. Bright murals cover the walls and kitchen bar spelling out the restaurant – L i F E. Within the murals are smaller moments depicting the up and downs of life, but the overall colorful scheme and cohesiveness shows the fullness and beautifulness of life. No detail is left untouched as even the menu border reflects the celebration that surrounds it.

None of the ingredients are prepared ahead of time, so customers watch dishes cooked fresh from start to finish. Overall, it dishes only take 10-15 minutes to make and is well worth the wait. There is a reason LiFE Restaurant was named the best potatoes by the people at Tastebuds. The title is well-earned and is the perfect hearty meal to take off the edge of winter.

The loaded potatoes are MASSIVE. Each potato alone is the size of two adult fists. Five pound take-out container in hand, customers leave knowing they will be uncomfortably full the rest of the day.


The gargantuan baked potatoes are slathered with butter that keep the inside tender and flavorful. Cooked spinach and broccoli add a splash of color and lightens the heaviness of the dish. Deliciously marinated, juicy chicken is cooked whole on the kitchen grill and diced into bite-sized morsels. Creamy cheese is generously ladled over the entire masterpiece.  A quick squirt of sour cream finishes the top. This eye-catching, vibrant presentation is as delectable as it is striking.

LiFE smoothies are a huge draw and a must order. With eight different mixtures, there is something for everyone! Each smoothie is packed full of fresh fruit that results in an extremely thick concoction. The Pineapple Punch smoothie is surprisingly maroon and has an immediate crisp, berry taste and leaves behind a pineapple tang. The lighter drink is the perfect afternoon snack to savor while planning your next trip back to LiFE Restaurant.


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  1. Great food! People order from oak park, IL and send Uber eats to pick it up. My favorite is the combo bowl (chicken and shrimp). Omg!


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