Pangea Cares Visits the Breakthrough Urban Ministries Men’s Center

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On Wednesday, January 23, Pangea Cares volunteers visited Breakthrough Urban Ministries in East Garfield Park to prepare, cook, and serve dinner to 30+ men within the Manna Ministry, Breakthrough’s meal program for homeless men and women.

Breakthrough partners with people affected by poverty to help build connections, develop skills, and open doors of opportunity. In addition, Breakthrough offers education and youth development, health and wellness, workforce development, violence prevention, housing, and spiritual formation. Our volunteer participation is truly significant to our organization as Breakthrough's mission not only aligns well with the three pillars of Pangea Cares – Health & Wellness, Education & Technology and Community Beautification but the Breakthrough Men's Center is also located in one of the neighborhoods we own and operate in. Each year, over 900 guests receive meals through the ministry and we are honored to have had the opportunity to partake again this year.

As volunteers, we had access to a fully equipped commercial kitchen and had the leeway to prepare our meal of choice. Fortunately, some of our Pangeans are experienced cooks and directed the team in making a delicious and flavorful meal. There was about an hour and a half to prep and cook which was plenty of time to serve dinner at 8PM! Throughout the evening, we chatted and shared some laughs with the guests as well as with each other. True teamwork was displayed as everyone cheerfully and efficiently worked to complete the meal.

On the Menu – Perfectly seasoned baked chicken, herb rice, steamed broccoli, corn, red potatoes, salad and for dessert, a peach cobbler dump cake. All served with a side of iced tea. All of the guests were very appreciative of the healthy meal!

Once meals were served and plates were put aside for guests who weren’t able to make the 8PM dinner, we helped clean up and also got to enjoy some food of our own. Huge thanks to Breakthrough Urban Ministries for having us!


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