How to Avoid Travel Issues on Moving Day

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You’ve mapped out your route. You’ve checked the weather. Everything is all lined up for your big moving day. What could possibly go wrong?

A lot. Especially if your move is taking place in a large metropolitan area where traffic can be an unpredictable nightmare. So how the heck can you keep gridlock and other road-related problems from ruining your big, important moving day?

Moving truck failure
Can you imagine the moving truck you’ve paid good money for breaking down on the side of the road? Before forking over money to any moving company, find out about their trucks. How old are the trucks? How often are they serviced? Do they offer (free) roadside assistance should anything happen to their vehicle through no fault of your own? Find out before it’s too late.

Wrecks and accidents
Car accidents do occur. And there is nothing that anyone can do to stop that. Drivers will continue to focus on their phones (commonly referred to as “distracted driving”). Others will continue to dangerously push speeding limits. There are countless reasons that car accidents take place. All you can do to protect yourself on moving day is to expect the unexpected, and try to plan ahead. What if your scheduled movers are the ones involved in a wreck? Or, another scenario, what happens if your movers are stuck in standstill traffic caused by an accident they are not involved in? Find out what procedures your moving company will have in place in case something like one of these scenarios happens. Will they send another team of movers in a different truck? Will they cancel your move altogether, and would you even be refunded for that? What happens if your possessions are already loaded onto the truck?

Gridlock traffic
Sometimes, traffic isn’t necessarily the result of a traffic accident or road construction. Sometimes it’s just the consequence of too many cars on the road in a limited space. Stay calm. Just as outlined above, ask your moving company about how this type of setback is handled. For example, a traffic jam could easily cause a one- or two-hour delay on moving day. If the movers were assigned to help another customer after you, how does that affect your move? You don’t want the movers you’ve hired to suddenly rush loading/unloading the truck just so they can get to their next appointment on-time. Even though the day might not be going how anyone has planned, you’ve still paid your hard-earned money and deserve a proper move.

Parking inconvenience
Is there sufficient parking at your current home? What about at the apartment you will be moving into? It is not common knowledge that moving companies may charge an additional fee if their staff has to carry your belongings beyond a standard distance. Another problem your movers could encounter is finding parking altogether. Will they have to circle the block a few times before they find that perfect spot? It may cost you, so ask ahead just to be sure. In some areas, it may even be possible to reserve a spot or two just for your moving truck. That’s great planning, but what happens when some obnoxious driver steals your reserved, clearly marked spot? Be prepared to deal with that.

Have you ever had vehicle-related issues affect your moving day? What happened, and how did you get through it?

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