3 Convenient Community Amenities to Look For

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In general, community amenities are extra features that are included in your apartment community. They are features that may or may not be available at other nearby apartments, but a lot of times, there’s something special that sets these features apart. The more amenities an apartment community can offer, the more desirable it will be to live there. However, it’s important for renters to know what they are getting before signing that lease.

Examples of community amenities

Extra storage – This amenity will surely come in handy for anyone who is having to ensure a quick or unexpected move. Do you have too much to fit into your new apartment? If so, then the perk of extra storage will be a plus for you. With an extra storage area on-site, you can generally store things like furniture, a bike, seasonal decorations, and whatever else you cannot fit into your actual unit. Consider taking advantage of this amenity because it could be the more cost-friendly option vs. renting an apartment with a second or third bedroom to store all your stuff.

Controlled access – This typically means that there is an extra layer of security that limits access to the community grounds–whether it be at the main entry/exit points, and/or at each building. One type of controlled access is with a security gate that is controlled with either a key card or an access code given only to paying residents. This is one of the amenities that makes renters feel safe and secure because the general public cannot easily come and go as they please. Although a community with controlled access might cost a little bit more, the peace of mind is well worth the extra money to many renters.

Short-term lease – This is usually a lease that lasts for 6 months or less. These are common in cities and neighborhoods where the demand for apartment living is high. With tons of renters and not nearly enough vacancies, the option to do a short-term lease is a plus for both renters and apartment management. Renters can move quickly instead of waiting for a traditional year-long lease to end. This way landlords can continue to quickly move renters in and out if demand remains high. Short-term leases are ideal for very specific categories of people, though. If you are new to the area and looking for a job–this will work in your benefit so that you can easily move when your lease is up to a more convenient location in proximity to your new gig. Short-term leases are also ideal for anyone who is working a temporary job away from home. The same goes for people who are new to the area and just need time to get to know the surroundings before moving somewhere that’s a bit more permanent.

When hunting for an apartment, don’t just look for what’s inside your future four walls. Think outside the apartment and consider what the entire community has to offer you and your desired lifestyle.

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