10 Housewarming Items for Your First Apartment

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Your first apartment is a big step. I still remember mine; it was suitable for living, but it was apparent that I had no idea what I was doing. Recalling my barren walls, overcluttered kitchen cabinets, and lack of useful appliances, I realize now that I was mindlessly bogging myself down. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the means to turn my apartment into a stylish living space, it was because I didn’t utilize the resources that were at my fingertips.

A Coffee Maker
If you’re one of the many people who love a good shot of caffeine in the morning, this is a good starting point. A coffee maker will get you motivated to go out and acquire other housewarming necessities. In the long run, it will also save you a ton of time and money. Why spend 15 minutes in the morning waiting at Starbuck’s, when you can just pop in a single serve Keurig and be on your way?

Again, think long term on this one. With an Instapot, you can consolidate multiple cooking apparatuses into one, saving you space and money. Plus, pressure cooking meat, especially chicken, is the best way to attain that juicy, tender consistency us omnivores look for. Good meals are vital for any home, especially your first.

Kitchen Utensils, Silverware, and Dishware
What good is a wonderful recipe if you don’t have the proper utensils to prepare and serve it? The best way to approach kitchen utensils is to buy sets of them. Don’t make the mistake of favoring individual pieces because they are cheaper. You’ll be kicking yourself later. It’s much more economical and appealing to have six of the same bowls, plates, and kitchen utensils than to have a random assortment of items that you may or may not use. There are plenty of deals for kitchen sets on Amazon and other websites that make it the easiest option for your first housewarming.

A Nice Kitchen Table
I know it can be difficult to fit a kitchen table into certain apartments, but if it is possible for you, it will be one of the most crucial aspects of your new home. It’s a nice landing spot when you get home and you’re not quite ready to wind down. Perhaps you just picked up the mail and would like to sort between what you need and those useless coupon books. Maybe you want to do some light reading during breakfast. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to have a place to sit down that is in the middle of things. Ashley Furniture has plenty of homey, affordable tables that would fit great into a smaller apartment.

A Nice Bed
This may seem obvious, but too often, we sacrifice our backs and our energy to save money. For me, the bed is the most important part of your new home. If you don’t get excited about coming home from a long day of work and climbing into a comfortable bed, it’s going to be difficult to get excited about coming home at all. Casper is all the rave right now and has nothing but great reviews.

Nice Bedding
Almost as important as the mattress, is the linen that covers it. There is, quite literally, nothing like the sensation of hitting soft, smooth sheets and resting your head on a cool fluffy pillow. If you want to be extravagant, buy some Euro or throw pillows. Though they are just for show, they can add some character to the bedroom.

This goes for your whole apartment, though the bedroom and kitchen are especially important. You want to feel warm light when you’re getting ready for bed, and you want to be able to see things clearly when you’re in the kitchen. In addition to the type of light you want in your new home, the amount of light can also be an issue. I recommend investing in lamps to supplement. There is an abundance of possibilities regarding lighting so it is important to think about the sort of mood you are trying to set. Forbes published a great article that can offer you more guidance.

Tool Set
If you’re going to be spending an extended period of time anywhere, it’s important to be prepared for what might go wrong. The nature of things is to break, and it’s your job to fix themonce that happens. You need a complete toolset to maintain your first apartment. You don’t need anything crazy. Apollo Precision Tool’s DT9706 is a perfect starter pack.

The Bathroom Linens
We all know the feeling of getting out of the shower and seeing a lone washcloth on the ring by the sink. You may not think that bathroom towels are easy to forget while moving but you would be surprised. In the midst of trying to get the big things moved, it’s easy to forget the little things. Towels are also very easily replaced and have a relatively short life span. So, if you’re moving, there’s no better way to start fresh than with a new set of washcloths. Perhaps a bathrobe, if you’re feeling fancy.

Wall Decor
This may seem unimportant to you, but what adorns your walls is what people will be drawn to if you have guests. This is where you can get really creative and express yourself. That’s what having a home is for. You don’t need to pay attention to what all the trends are. After you’ve done all the work to set up your apartment in a functional, cozy way, decorate. Take your time and enjoy, it should be fun and rewarding. Easy Canvas Prints offers very affordable prices that can take your wall decor a long way.

Your first apartment can feel overwhelming whether you are moving for the first time or starting over. Don’t feel pressure to get everything at once. Making a home is a process as you settle into your new surroundings. The last thing you want to do is to freak out, buy a bunch of random things and wind up hating how you set everything up. Take your time, save up for purchases, and gradually build your home. In the end, you will thank yourself for it.

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