10 Tips on How to Make Your Spring Cleaning Matter

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The flowers are finally in bloom. The grass is regaining its color, returning the lushness to the parks. The sun is beaming out from behind those white, fluffy clouds. It’s springtime and life is good. Who doesn’t love the thawing of late March to early April?

With every great thing in life, however, we have to pay a certain price to earn it. What’s the price for sunshine and spring living? Spring cleaning. We all dread it, but it doesn’t have to add any gloom to spring bloom. Here are 10 tips that will make that spring cleaning transition easier.

You’ll forget about the dusty windowsills and be able to enjoy a fresh start. That’s what springs are all about.

Keep a Schedule
Like most things in life, attacking something with a plan is best. It’s easy to go after spring cleaning with an ad hoc attitude. But things get done quicker if you don’t have to waste time thinking about what comes next. You don’t want to spend half an hour getting into a groove vacuuming the carpets and then spend another fifteen minutes deciding between mopping the kitchen floor or cleaning the bathroom.

Make a schedule. There’s a lot to consider if you’re going to commit to a deep spring clean. Be prepared.

Going along with keeping a schedule, the first thing on your schedule should be to consolidate your living area. You don’t want to deal with miscellaneous objects getting in the way of your cleaning. There’s nothing worse than having your focus disturbed by a random article of clothing in the middle of the floor.

Check out Marie Kondo if you haven’t heard of her already. She’s widely regarded as an organizing genius. One of her tips is to declutter before organizing. Move stuff around. Get rid of other stuff. Only hold onto things if they bring you joy. That’s a patented Kondoism.

Prepare Your Supplies
You may not think that this is a problem for some people, but when you’re eager to complete spring cleaning, it’s easy to forget the essentials. Don’t make the mistake of putting the chicken before the egg. You can plan all that you want, but the first step to making things happen is having the necessary means to do so.

Go through your schedule and write down exactly what you need for each cleaning task. You’ll kick yourself if you’re about to move onto the next task and realize you don’t have all that you need.

Get a Killer Vacuum
One of the most important supplies to equip yourself with is a cleaning monster of a vacuum. Killer vacuums are not only useful for the childish sense of empowerment they imbue in you but for the fact that it’s extremely frustrating having to spend a bunch of time with that loud obnoxious vroom in your ear.

When you have a killer vacuum like a Hepa, things go much faster. The faster you clean, the quicker you’ll get outside to enjoy the spring sunshine. Vacuums can also do wonders for your sinuses in allergy season. You won’t want to go outside if you’re sneezing all of the time.

The Kitchen and the Bathroom
Of course, you need to hit every spot while spring cleaning, but these two rooms are the two that will require the most of your attention. Making sure that both of these rooms are clean is the foundation of any therapeutic spring cleaning.

Hygiene and cooking are hopefully two of the most frequent practices in your apartment. The nature of those practices combined with their frequency, however, make them a nightmare for spring cleaning.

Get the worst out the way. It will lift the weight off of your shoulders once you realize the bulk of the load is done.

Top-Down Approach
It’s another easy mistake to make: cleaning the floor and then cleaning the ceiling.  You get your hardwood floor to shine like a gem and then once you’ve finished dusting the ceiling your floor looks like an old saloon again.

What goes up, must come down. Always remember that. It will come in handy for your spring cleaning sanity.

High Trafficked Areas
After you’ve completed the bathroom and kitchen, make sure that you move on to highly trafficked areas in your home. The walkways that people use the most and the common areas of your apartment such as the couch with the best view of the TV are great starting points.

Again, use the top-down method and get the worst over with. If you clean the dirtiest parts of your place first, it will give you the sense of accomplishment you need to keep going until the job is done.

Don’t Take Your Air Quality for Granted
The air filter you’ve been using since August probably needs to be changed. The springtime is probably the most important time to change that filter. You don’t want the quality of your sleep to suffer, those itchy red eyes, or the stuffy face you get from poor air quality.

While you can’t always control the air quality outside, you can do your part to make it more enjoyable in your home. People often forget about the cleanliness of their air when they’re concerned about the tidiness of their home. Don’t be one of those people.

Take Preventative Measures
Spring cleaning shouldn’t only mean tidying up. It’s a time to make sure that your living space is still functioning as well as it can. Take the time to check your swamp cooler for the upcoming summer. Remember a lot of the things you’ll need in the summer haven’t been used in months.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and find out your windows won’t open on April 20th. If you need to fix anything for the upcoming summer, spring cleaning is the time to do it.

Break it Up
With spring cleaning, the tendency is to work yourself into a frenzy about what needs to be done. One easy way to burn out is to try and do everything at once. Part of making a schedule is breaking up activities so that you can complete the remaining ones with good energy.

Make sure your spring cleaning schedule works around your personal and professional life. You want to be able to adapt to schedule conflicts, you don’t want to succumb to them. If you’re mindful of your schedule, it will make your spring cleaning experience smoother.

Relax….Winter is Over
Ahh…take in the scent of the flowers. Walk the streets clad in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. Get ready for beach life, the summer is just around the corner. But make sure that when you come home, you’re greeted with the same spring cheer you’re experiencing outside.

Spring cleaning is a chore, and who loves chores? No one. But don’t be lazy. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in your own home after a beautiful spring day. It’s just not worth it. Check out these other informative blogs on how to polish your apartment into a spring beauty!

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