Rick’s Cafe Boatyard: A Relaxing Meal on the Water

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If you enjoy seafood, there are few things more pleasurable than finding quality places to dine in a landlocked state. Indianapolis obviously isn’t known for its seafood, but Rick’s is an exception. It’s also not just about the food at Rick’s. Its location on the water is the perfect complement to the stellar menu; the cherry on top if you will. The ambiance is reminiscent of a quaint New England harbor. The staff is inviting and friendly. You won’t regret it.

Nestled at the edge of Eagle Creek Reservoir, Rick Albrecht’s creation has won many awards over the years. It’s a favorite for the locals, and its atmosphere is especially intimate for those who want to take a date. After all, it’s been nominated for the Indy A-List’s top romantic dinner spot 5 times.

It also has national recognition. It made Restaurant News’ Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Spots in America in 2014, Zoobilation’s Best of the Best Winner for Maryland Crab Cakes, and most importantly for the Indianapolis natives, Visit Indy’s top 25 local Restaurants list in 2019.

If notoriety doesn’t convince you, the style of Rick’s will. It’s incredibly unique setting and menu aren’t the only first rate aspects at Rick’s. It’s nice and secluded, which may strike fears of parking nightmares into your heart. Don’t fret, Rick’s will take you to and from your car in one of their golf carts; one of Rick’s special touches.

You may be thinking, this all sounds too good to be true, it has to be out of my price range. The accommodations at Rick’s are perhaps my favorite aspect. If a fancy dinner is out of your price range, no worries. Go for brunch and get one of their delicious omelettes. Have a lunch date and share some fish n’ chips with a nice glass of white wine. Drop by for a drink at dinner time and enjoy some smooth listenin’ while the sun drops over the reservoir. Rick’s can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the budget.


Rick’s is also great for events. Weddings, employee parties, and tasting experiences all add to the flavor that Rick’s provides. Worried about the budget? There are great ways to schedule an affordable event by booking in the offseason. I know, pictures, pictures, pictures. The natural lighting over Eagle Creek is beautiful and unique. You’ll be sealing memories you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Well, what are you waiting for? The lobsters are motioning with their claws, the golf carts are ready to pick you up. Head down to Rick’s and enjoy the summer boatyard style.


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