Saging and Other Ways to Rid Your Apartment of Negative Energy

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The practice of saging or smudging has become quite popular recently. If you are not familiar with saging, it is the practice of burning natural plants or wood–like dried sage–to help purify the aura of one's home. It’s an ancient spiritual ritual with roots in Native American tradition. It was  and still is believed that burning sage can rid a space of evil, toxic energies.

Saging is said to have many, many benefits. The natural antimicrobial properties of sage itself  is said to fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is also believed that sage can help solve recurring and common problems like dust, mold, and pet dander. And the benefits don't end there. Many people sage to help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, improve sleep, and so much more.

Now even if saging isn’t something you are interested in experimenting with, there are plenty of alternative ways to get rid of negative energy and bad vibes in your apartment.

Start fresh
If you are fairly new in your apartment, this is a great time to start fresh. Even if you are already moved in, you can still make an effort to remove any negative energy that could have been left over from a previous resident. Try focusing on tasks that you may not have thought of before– dusting ceiling fans and overhead lights; scrubbing baseboards and hard-to-reach corners; maybe pay some extra attention to the inside of your microwave or oven; polish every door knob, button, lock, and pretty much anything you touch with your hands all the time. Completing these types of deep cleaning chores will go a long way in helping your new apartment to feel fresh, happy, and new.

Let in some outside air
Perhaps the most obvious way to remove negative energy from my home is to let in some fresh air. Besides, letting old stale air recirculate in your apartment can be a health risk. Open up those windows–even if it's cold out. Fresh air has a way of just making things feel good again.

Use essential oils
Essential oils can breathe life into a space that no longer feels happy. What scent would put an extra pep in your step?  Orange and lemon scents are sure to perk things up. Lavender is also a good one to help set a calm and serene mood.  Whatever scent you choose, place a few drops into a spray bottle with water and use it as a natural, organic, and cost-effective air freshener and mood brightener.

If your home seems to be giving off bad vibes, it could be that you just have too much stuff surrounding you. Even the simplest of your possessions can give off negative energy and also affect your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Who needs that? Go through your place with a large garbage bag and trash whatever is no longer serving a purpose in your home or in your life. It will certainly make a difference in how your apartment feels.

In what ways have you made your apartment a more positive space?

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