Thrifting for Home Decoration: Making Your Place Stand Out for Less

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How you decorate your home can put smiles on your guests faces every time they walk in the door. Or, it can cause your guests to question your happiness and wellbeing. Even if you are not much of an entertainer, decorating your home should bring you joy, not anxiety. You should look forward to walking into your home and think of it as a sanctuary.


Stressing out your bank account isn’t conducive to domestic bliss. You don’t need to “keep up with Jones” to be a happy dweller. Thrifting is an easy way to turn your barren apartment or home into something unique that fills you with pride. Here are the top 5 tips for thrifting home decorations.


Where to Look: Curiosity is Key While Perusing Thrift Stores

Every city has thrift stores. In fact, they can be some of the most unique aspects of a city. Strolling down the street in a section of town known for its antique and vintage shops can be a therapeutic day trip. There is something appealing about seeing things that have a history rather than sifting through the numerous homogenized items at a department store.

However, fortune favors the bold, and in order to thrift right, you have to be prepared to sort through the unwanted items. Seek, and ye shall find. One of the most important aspects of thrifting well is igniting your curiosity. Get to know your city and what interesting esoterica inhabits it. You’ll emerge from the rabbit hole a more interesting individual and your place will echo that individuality.


Where to Look: Know More Than the Estate Salesperson

No matter where you live, people are always looking to get rid of things. Often enough, these people don’t understand the value of what they’re trying to sell. They just want it off of their hands. Estate sales can be the best place to find niche items that you don’t have access to in the mainstream outlet stores. Estate sales carry many collectors’ dreams and are littered with diamonds in the rough that no one else sees.

If you are looking to make your home or apartment the most interesting on the block, then look no further than estate sales. They will have everything you ever dreamed of, and even some things that you will surprise you. You just have to make sure you’re informed of what to buy. Practice makes perfect with estate sales. Check out a few sales and do some research online for what items are worth. Getting a leg up on the salesperson will ensure that you’re keeping your bank account safe.


Where to Look: Online Still Reigns

We still live in the age of the Internet, so it makes sense that this would be your primary destination while searching for home decorations. After all, why venture out into the world when you can put everything in front of your face with the click of a button? Craigslist and eBay are great places to search for everything under the sun. There are also tons of great apps for people who are trying to sell items such as LetGo and OfferUp.


What to Look For: Everything

One common mistake people make while thrifting for home decor is assuming that they are restricted in their options. The greatest aspect of thrifting is that you have no idea what you’ll find at any given moment. Spontaneity keeps life interesting and thrifting certainly keeps spontaneity in your life.

There are a few staples that are easy to find while thrifting. Here is a list of the most commonly sought thrift decor items.

  • Picture Frames: There is no scarcity of picture frames in thrift stores, which is great for the consumer. Because there are plenty of options, it improves your chance of finding quality frames to decorate your halls. Even if you don’t find that special frame you’ve looking for, you’ll definitely be able to find frames that need just a coat of paint.
  • Lamps: These are another item that thrift stores have in abundance. Another great aspect of lamps is that they’re usually very durable. Most likely, you’ll be able to find a few that need minimal restorative work.
  • Mirrors: You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes of mirrors at thrift stores. If you’re looking to make a room appear more open, look no further!
  • Couches: This is one that many people disregard because they’re used to going to thrift stores and seeing couches in states of decay. However, using apps such as Craigslist and OfferUp, you’re sure to find a couch that suits your living situation perfectly and for an affordable price!
  • Kitchen Sets: This is one that not everyone thinks of because they don’t like using preowned dishware. You would be shocked by how many people get rid of dinner sets having never used them. You can find some quality buys simply by searching for sets that other people didn’t quite understand how to utilize.


When to Look: All the Time

There’s no telling when you’re going to finally find that long searched for gemstone. But, that’s half the fun of thrifting! You have to be prepared to wait long periods of time without finding anything that fits your living situation. When the pickings are slim, it will only makes the payoff sweeter.


Thrifting and Decorating Should be Enjoyable

Searching for your home decorations is an evolving process. Don’t ever feel like you have to decorate all at once. The greatest home decoration jobs are done over time. True pickers always have their radar on. It takes patience, dedication, and a keen eye to get your home decoration to the next level.

While you’re always on the lookout for items, make sure you enjoy the road to completing your home decoration. You’ll find that some of the best aspects of thrifting aren’t necessarily what you buy, but what you see along the journey. Expose yourself to the quirky, eccentric, and downright weird thrifting items. They’ll give you a newfound appreciation for the decorations you find that seem to have your name written all over them.

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